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DIY LED Projects

DIY Automobile Interior Lighting using G4 Wafer Bulbs

Tired of replacing interior halogen bulbs in your vehicle or waking up to a dead battery when you forgot to turn off your dome lights? We have a perfect solution, follow this DIY project to replace your halogen bulbs with brighter, and more efficient 1W G4 LED Wafer Bulbs.
  Products Used: G4 Wafer type LED Bulb 1W - White / 22AWG Connection Wire
  Completion Time: 1 hour for average person
  Skill Level: Intermediate (Must have soldering capabilities)
1.) Remove Fixtures and Existing Bulbs from Interior
This retrofit will be a whole lot easier if the dome light fixtures are first removed from the interior of your automobile. Remember this process in order to re-install the fixtures at the end of this process correctly. Also remove the existing bulbs that you would like to replace.
Automobile Retro 1
2.) Solder Connection Wire to G4 Bulb and Test
There are 2 solder joints on the back of each G4 Wafer Bulbs for 12VDC power input, they are reverse polarity so it does not matter which is + or -. Solder enough wire needed to make a secure connection to the dome light fixture being sure that there is not excess wire that may cause a short during operation.
Automobile Retro 2
3.) Install and Secure G4 Bulb in fixture
Depending on what type of fixture that you have this may be the trickiest part of the retrofit. I simply wrapped the wire around each of my connection points, pulled it tight, and then solder the wire back to itself in order to make a secure connection that can be removed with no damage to the fixture if I choose to replace in the future.
Automobile Retro 3
4.) Finished View of G4 Bulb Installation
Repeat step 3 for the other bulb retrofits. View the picture for a finished look at two bulb replacements ready to be re-installed in the automobile.
Automobile Retro 4
5.) Repeat Steps 3 & 4 for all Interior Fixtures
Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all of your interior light fixtures. This is a finished view of the overhead dome light. I could have installed as many bulbs that would have fit here but I found that one of the G4 replacements was plenty bright for the job.
Automobile Retro 5
6.) Re-Install your Fixtures, Test and Enjoy
Re-Install your interior light fixtures the same way that you took them out, test the lights to be sure that all of your connections are solid without any power shorts. Once you know the lights work, enjoy your new energy efficient, eco friendly, crisp, bright, and clean interior dome lighting. The picture does not really do the final result justice as these little bulbs pack a serious amount of brightness.
Automobile Retro 6
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