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Ecolocity® LED Lighting Solutions is founded on the principle that small business can contribute to larger scale changes. Our goal is to help home and business owners transition to more energy efficient LED lighting systems. Saving money and lessening the impact on our environment is a win-win situation for everyone involved in this equation. From small steps like simply screwing in an LED light bulb to larger scale DIY or LED retrofitting projects, our skilled staff is available to assist and advise with technical LED lighting information.

Ecolocity LED Lighting solutions is proud to currently supply brilliant LED products in home, business and lighting design projects across the country. Check out our customer projects section for examples of our product in use. Products we carry include LED Backlight modules, LED Strip Lights, LED Strip Light Accessories, Digital RGB Lighting, RGB LED light bars, RGB LED wall washers, LED light bulbs, LED lighting accessories, LED power supplies, PWM LED dimmers, RGB LED Controllers, and DMX LED controllers.

Providing High Quality LED Lighting with Unprecedented Care

Customer service is the cornerstone of operations here at Ecolocity LED. Please contact us for a quote or more information about our quality LED Lights, we are here to help!

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