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LED Lighting Controls

Browse our large selection of low voltage LED lighting controls and remotes including All in One Controllers, LED dimmers for single color LED lights, RGB Controllers, RGBW Controllers and RGB+CCT Controls for color changing LEDs as well as DMX LED controllers to create unique lighting effects for your LED lights using computerized software.

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All in One controllers bring the power of multiple control types into a single unit powered through a phone app with pairable remote controls and wall panels available for tradiotional style control. Shop all

RGB+CCT Controllers control and dim both standard color changing RGB and also can adjust white kelvin temperatures based on the tuneable white color temperatures of your CCT led output. Shop all

RGBW Controllers are used on our four color RGB+White LED lighting. They control the RGB color changing output as well as the dimming and switching of the single color white output. We have both indoor RGBW controllers and outdoor RGBW controller options. Shop all

RGB controllers are used to change the color and brightness of your RGB LED lighting. They also have built in color changing functions such as color fades and flashes. We have basic controllers and more advanced which give you customization over specific colors and modes. Shop all

LED Dimmers allow you to set and adjust the brightness of your low voltage LED lighting. We stock multiple styles of led dimmers for any LED system. We have indoor dimmers and waterproof dimmers for outdoor lighting projects. Low voltage power in and single color LED out. Shop all

DMX Controllers are used for the most demanding projects. Using DMX Control and DMX Decoders with LED lighting you can program timeline based lighting scenes to the millisecond. When your project requires precision past that of a basic controller, DMX is the way to go. Shop all