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24V LED Strip Lights

We carry a wide variety of 24VDC LED Strip lights for any lighting application. 24V Strip Lights use the same wattage power as our 12V Strips but can be run longer in serial lengths with less voltage drop. We have outdoor waterproof 24 volt LED Strips, 24 volt LED Strips for indoor use and 24V LED Strips for use in marine applications. All of our 24 VDC LED Strip lights have a 2 year warranty and 50,000 hour lifespan, for a low energy, Eco-friendly lighting solution. Most of our 24V LED Strips are UL recognized, all our RoHS and CE approved.

UL Recognized Strip Lights

Dedicated to Providing the Highest Grade Commercial Strip Lighting for over 9 Years

UL LISTED - For Class 2 Circuits Ribbon Star Comparison Download Ribbon Star Strip Light Buying Guide
24V LED Strip Light Brightness Scale
24V LED Strip Light Brightness
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Lumens:1,830 lm/ft
LED Qty:360 LEDs/118", 6 LEDs/1.97"
LED Size:2538 SMD LEDs
Watts:15.4 Watts per foot / 24V
IP Rating:Non-Weatherproof

Our Ribbon Star MegaLux 24VDC LED strip is the brightest ribbon light on the market. With a ridiculous 1,830 lumens per foot light output this strip is ideal for applications needing an extremely bright light.

Lumens:1,317 lm/ft
LED Qty:720 LEDs/118", 6 LEDs/0.98"
LED Size:4014 SMD LEDs
Watts:12.3 Watts per foot / 24V
IP Rating:Non-Weatherproof

Our Ribbon Star MaxLux 24 Volt LED Tape Light has an extremely high light output and chip density. Due to its high power consumption this linear LED is recommended to be used with a metal heat sink and if best used in applications needing large amounts of light.

Lumens:White - 670 lm/ft, Warm - 549 lm/ft
LED Qty:360 LEDs/118", 6 LEDs/1.98"
LED Size:2016 SMD LEDs
Watts:7.23 Watts per foot / 24V
IP Rating:Non-Weatherproof

Our 24VDC Ribbon Star ThinLux and SlimLux low profile strips consist of high output surface mount LED chips that produce extremely bright lumen output from a very thin PC board. Ideal for furniture, architectural, or any application requiring an easily concealable tape light.

Lumens:White - 640 lm/ft, Warm - 542 lm/ft
LED Qty:612 LEDs/118", 3 LEDs/0.6"
LED Size: 3014 SMD LEDs
Watts:9.5 Watts per foot / 24V
IP Rating:Non-Weatherproof

Our 24V Ribbon Star Supreme LED Strip Lights are the brightest 24V LED Strip currently on the market. Bosting super bright lumen outputs, this strip is sure to not dissapoint.

Lumens:White - 372 lm/ft, Warm - 260 lm/ft
LED Qty:360 LEDs/118", 6 LEDs/1.95"
LED Size: 3528 SMD LEDs
Watts:5.4 Watts per foot / 24V
IP Rating:IP68 Waterproof Available

Our 24V Ribbon Star Ultra LED Strip Lights use 6 high output 3528 LED chips per 1.95" to create bright and long lasting lighting in any application. Indoor and outdoor styles are available.

Lumens:RGB180 - 152 lm/ft, Extreme - 34 lm/ft
LED Qty:RGB180 - 180LEDs/118", Extreme - 84LEDs/118"
LED Size: 5050 SMD LEDs
Watts:RGB180 - 4.3W per foot, Extreme - 1.7W per foot / 24V
IP Rating:IP68 Waterproof Available

We have two types of 24V UL recognized Color Changing LED Strip lights in both indoor and outdoor versions. Use with a 24VDC RGB Color Controller to choose custom colors and color changing effects.

Lumens: White - 488 lm/ft, Warm - 378 lm/ft
LED Qty:612 LEDs/118", 12 LEDs/1.96"
LED Size:3528 SMD LEDs
Watts:4.8W per foot / 24V
IP Rating:Non-Weatherproof

Our Ribbon Star Doublewide 24V LED Strip lights are available in white and warm white and create a bright light with a wider beam angle than our standard single row LED Strip lights. Perfect for any indoor lighting application.

Lumens:White - 70 lm/ft, Warm White - 64 lm/ft
LED Qty:126 LEDs/118", 7 LEDs/6.5"
LED Size:3528 SMD LEDs
Watts:0.96 Watts per foot
IP Rating:IP68 Waterproof

The Ribbon Star Extreme is our premier outdoor 24 volt LED Strip Light. The TPU housing give this strip an IP68 waterproof and UV proof weatherproof rating. Connect up to 100' lengths with no voltage drop.

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