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24V LED Strip Lights

We carry a wide variety of 24VDC LED Strip lights for any lighting application. 24V Strip Lights use the same wattage power as our 12V Strips but can be run longer in serial lengths with less voltage drop. We have outdoor waterproof 24 volt LED Strips, 24 volt LED Strips for indoor use and 24V LED Strips for use in marine applications. All of our 24 VDC LED Strip lights have a 2 year warranty and 50,000 hour lifespan, for a low energy, Eco-friendly lighting solution. Most of our 24V LED Strips are UL recognized, all our RoHS and CE approved.

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24VDC RGB + Tuneable White Strip Lights

Traditional color changing RGB with the addition of tuneable cool + warm white output for 1,078,203,909,375 possible variations. * Requires RGBCCT Controller.

24VDC RGB + White Strip Lights

Classical color changing RGB with the addition of cool or warm white output for 4,228,250,625 color plus white variations. * Requires RGBW Controller.

24VDC RGB Light Strips

Red, Green & Blue color mixing over 255 levels of dimming to achieve 16,581,375 color adjustments. * Requires RGB Controller.

24VDC White Strip Lights - Cool, Nuetral & Warm

2700-6500 kelvin white strip lights ranging from high output for luminaires to low output accent lighting. * Dims with Dimmable Driver or PWM Dimmer.

24VDC Single Color Strips - Red, Green, Blue & Amber

Single color indoor and outdoor rated red, green or blue linear lighting for colored accents. * Dims with Dimmable Driver or PWM Dimmer.