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Ecolocity® LED Lighting Solutions is your committed provider of high quality LED Lighting Products, LED Strip Lights, LED Backlight Modules, RGB LED Strip Lighting, Digital RGB LED Lighting, LED Wall Washer Lights, LED Dimmers, LED Controllers, LED Low Voltage Power Supplies and DMX LED Controls for sign builders, exhibit builders, display designers, set designers, landscapers, home builders, contractors, remodelers, handymen/women, and your everyday do it yourself'er. Our products are simple to use and our knowledgeable staff can assist you with any project every step of the way. Take a look at our customer projects section for examples of our LED Light products in use.

We are constantly striving to carry inventory of the most cutting edge LED Lighting products such as RGB LED Modules, LED Strip Lights, LED Backlight Modules, LED Transformers, PWM LED Dimmers, DMX LED Decoders and RGB LED Light Controllers. These LED light products save our customers both time and money by reducing labor and replacement costs as well as providing a more energy efficient solution over neon or other less efficient lighting solutions.

Transitioning from neon or fluorescent bulbs when building channel letters, signs, sets, exhibits or retail displays using LED Light Modules or LED Strip Lights or RGB LED Ribbon Strip Lights is a simple, effective and immediate way to start using less energy and provide a better sign / lighting product for your customer. Can you imagine not having to replace or service an LED Backlit sign for over 10 years? This technology results in less landfill waste, which makes this energy efficient alternative light source a truly green product. LED Backlights, LED Ribbon Light Strips, LEDs and LED Neon replacement products are the future of signage, displays and advertising.

Ecolocity LED Lighting Solutions is your committed partner by providing economical solutions, quality LED products, as well as superb customer service. Please browse our LED Light store, where you will find great prices and volume discounts on LED Strip Lighting, LED backlight Modules, RGB LED Light Bars, RGB LED Ribbon Strip Lights, RGB LED Wall Washers, LED PWM Dimmers, LED Controllers, DMX decoders, and LED transformers for all your lights, channel letter, backlighting, lighting and design projects.

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