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LED Neon Flex is Used for Staircase Accent Lighting

Neon Stairs
Neon Stairs


This San Fransisco bar entrance got a major upgrade from old rope lighting to our Warm White Side Emitting Neon Flex. The owners and patrons alike say that it is a "Huge Improvement", the stairs are illuminated evenly and it also just looks really cool and inviting. A 240W 24VDC Power Supply was used to convert the AC line voltage into the required 24VDC for the neon flex strip. A 30A PWM Knob Dimmer was installed if the lights needed to be dimmed to a lower level. The dot free design of the LED neon flex made it a great product choice for this particular lighting project. If you have a similar staircase or stair treads that you want LED lighting for give us a call and we would be happy to help you with your project.


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Color Step Accent Lights using RGB+Warm LED Tape

RGB + Warm White Strip Lights are unique because they combine both color changing and single color warm white output. When installed on our customer's marble steps and under counter lighting they are a perfect combo of fun and relaxing. They can have the lights set to a nice warm and soft tone for a majority of the time. When they want to entertain or for a special occasion they can change the color of the lights to fit the moment. An RGBW Controller is used to control, dim and power the lighting. If you have a similar project in your home or business give a call and one of our skilled professionals would be happy to assist you.

LED Handrail Staircase Lighting using LED Strip Lights

This do-it-yourself customer project was done by a customer of ours who wanted to bring light to her staircase and decided to call us for some LED Advice. We recommended our mid-level Ribbon Star Max Warm White LED Strip Lights and a simple Remote Controlled PWM LED Dimmer using a 60W Plug in Power Supply. She then installed the lights under the handrails in a routed groove, then wired them together so that both strips operate on the dimmer switch. This was her first LED project and it looks like it was done by a professional. She couldn't be happier with the project and in her own words says, "The effect is really beautiful at night and we eliminated any stair/safety worries with house guests. I am so happy with your products that I am already looking for another project."

LED Staircase Lighting using Warm White Strip Lights

By installing our Ultra LED Strip Lights under the stair treads of each step our customer was able to create clean, dot-free staircase lighting on their custom hardwood staircase. The strip lights require 24VDC input so a power converter is required to change the line voltage to low voltage DC. Using a dimmable power supply the dimming and on off control is controlled form a standard wall mounted switch. The 3000 kelvin color temperature of the warm white strip light gives off a subtle and inviting glow, which enhance the beautiful wood grain on the hardwood steps. If you have a staircase or steps that you would like to light in your home or business give us a call and we would be glad to get you the products to get the job done.

Deck and Concrete Step Lighting using LED Strips and Pathway Fixtures

Warm White Strip Lights and Pathway Fixtures are used on the underside of a deck, steps and pathway to illuminate a wonderful outdoor space. The waterproof strip lights are installed into an aluminum Extrusion with cover to keep a clean and finished look to the lighting project. The lighting is pretty bright so a PWM Dimmer can be used to dim it down at night. Overall this is a neat outdoor lighting idea that came together really well. If you are looking to add any deck, path or outdoor lighting give us a call and we would be happy to help you with your project.