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Here you can see all of our customer's amazing LED lighting projects that were created using Ecolocity LED products and LED Lighting accessories. From LED Strip Light Projects to LED Wall Washer projects, our customer's have done it all. Browse these great finished projects to get some ideas for your next LED Lighting design.

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Pittsburgh Gateway Green Pittsburgh Gateway Station Lights up with RGBW Flood Lights

Our RGB+W floods are used to create over 4 billion colors on this architectural masterpiece.

Deck LED Strip Lights Deck LED Strip Lights with Long Continous Connections

Our Long Run Strip Lights simplify installation of large outdoor projects with less connections.

Waterproof Strip Light for Shower Flush Mounted Waterproof LED Strip Lights for Showers

Our IP67 LED Strip Lights can be put into aluminum tracks with covers and set into shower tiles.

UX8 Controller Ltech UX8 Wall Panel Controls a Room of RGB LED Strip Lights

The Ltech UX8 Controller is a sleek four zone wall panel touch screen design fitting for any room.

RGBW Liquor Cabinet Cyan Color Changing Liquor Cabinet Lighting with RGBW Strip Lights

RGBW Strip Lights are used in a liquor cabinet for color changing plus white lighting.

Thin Profile Strip Lights Line Custom Glass Cabinets

Thin Strip Lights are used to Light Glass Kitchen Cabinets with soft white lighting.

Strip Light Stairs LED Staircase Lighting using Warm White Strip Lights

Warm White Strip Lights installed under stair treads for immaculate staircase accent light.

Ferrari Sign Red RGBW Strip Lights Shine Through an Etched Glass Panel in a Ferrari Office

A glass etched sign is lit using our RGBW LED Strip Lights in this Ferrari themed office space.

Dim to Warm Shower Modern Shower Lighting using Dim to Warm Strips and Aluminum Track

Custom Linear Shower Lighting is created using LED Strip Lights and Aluminum Channels.

Pool Grotto Step Lights Pool Grotto Lighing using Color Changing LED Lights

Pool Grotto Waterfall and Steps are lit using color changing RGB LED lighting and controls.

Houseboat Strips Houseboat Remodel is Completed using RGB + Warm White Strip Lighting

RGB + Warm White Strip Lights are used to add colorful accent to a houseboat interior.

strip accent wall LED Strip Lights for Room Accent Lighting

LED Strip Lights and aluminum track with covers are used to create room accent lighting.

Shower LED Light Modern LED Shower Lighting using Waterproof Strips and Extrusions

LED Strip Lights with waterproof aluminum track create a custom shower light.

Wine Rack Light Embedded Wine Rack Lighting using LED Strip and Channels

Warm White LED Strip Lights Embedded into the wall bring a whole new feel to happy hour.

Inside Cabinet Lighting Interior Cabinet & Hutch Lighting using Warm White Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights are used Inside of Glass Cabinets to create a unique kitchen accent.

Deck Strips Night Deck and Concrete Step Lighting using LED Strips and Pathway Fixtures

Warm white strip lights and pathway fixtures bring an inviting glow to an outdoor space.

RGBW Flood Color Changing Exterior Home Lighting with LED Flood Lights

RGBW Flood lights are used to light up the outside of a mega mansion in a color wash.

Red Step Lights Color Step Accent Lights using RGB+Warm LED Tape

12VDC RGB + Warm White Strip Lights are used for under stair lighting.

Yellow Light Shelf Color Changing Glass Shelf Lighting using RGB LED Strips

Pula Extrusion and RGB Strip Lights create color selectable glass shelving.

Christmas Strip Lights Permanent Outdoor LED Strip Lights Under Eave Facia for Christmas and Holidays

Permanent LED Christmas and Holiday Lights using Color Changing LED Strips.

RGBW Deck RGBWW Strip Lights Outline a Backyard Patio

4in1 RGB+Warm Strip Lights and Siler channels light up a backyard fire pit and patio.

HR Line HR Line Channel and Warm White Strip Lights set into Concrete Entryway

HR Line extrusions and covers set into cement steps with warm white strip lights.

100 Percent Dim to Warm Under Cabinet Lighting using LED Strip Lights

Dim to Warm Kitchen Lighting gets warmer as it dims for relaxing and romantic appeal.

Deck LED LED Deck Lights Flush Mounted into Metal Deck Railings

Flush mount LED deck lights cast brilliant bright white lighting across an outdoor deck.

Driveway Light Embedded LED Lighting in Concrete Driveway using Strip Lights and Channels

HR-LINE channels with high density 6500K white strip lights in concrete driveway.

Neon Stairs LED Neon Flex is Used for Staircase Accent Lighting

Side Emitting warm white LED neon flex lights up each side of a stairway club entrance.

RGBW Building RGBW Flood Lights for Color Changing Building Lighting

RGBW Flood Lights illuminate and exterior building with an eye catching color wash.

Pool Table Light Glare Free MICRO Channel is used to Create Sleek Hanging LED Pool Table Fixture

Hanging Pool Table Light Fixture using Glare Free Micro and Daylight Light Strip.

Purple Crown Color Changing Crown Molding Lighting using RGBW Strips

4in1 RGBW Strip lights create a perfect color changing accent inside of crown molding.

LED Crown Molding Crown Molding LED Lighting using Warm White Strip Lights

Max Warm White Strip Lights are used for a warm glow around crown molding.

Green Wash Storefront Color Wash using RGBW LED Wall Washers

Linear RGBW LED Wall Washers vividly color wash a business storefront.

Front Porch Light Front Porch Lighting using Waterproof LED Strip Lights

24V Outdoor Warm White IP65 LED Strip Lights are used for front porch lighting.

Bright White Under Cab Bright White Under Cabinet Strip Lights with Diffuser

High Density Bright White 24 Volt DC Strip Lights are used under kitchen cabinets.

High CRI Under Cab Under Cabinet High CRI Tape Lights make a Colorful Kitchen Stand Out

High CRI under cabinet LED Tape Lighting brings out the true colors of a bright kitchen.

LED Man Cave Man Cave Room Lighting with RGB Strip Lights

Man cave color changing lighting using 12 Volt DC RGB 180 LED Strip Lights.

BK Forest Blue Kelp Forest and Prismatic Tower lit with Ecolocity LEDs

Glass Sculptures are lit using multi color RGBW and RGB LED Lighting from Ecolocity.