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Pittsburgh Gateway Station Lights up with RGBW Flood Lights

Pittsburgh Gateway Green Pittsburgh Gateway Blue Pittsburgh Gateway Green Interior Pittsburgh Gateway Purple Interior Pittsburgh Gateway Green Glass
Pittsburgh Gateway Green Pittsburgh Gateway Blue Pittsburgh Gateway Green Interior Pittsburgh Gateway Purple Interior Pittsburgh Gateway Green Glass


The Pittsburgh Gateway Station used our small 4 Color RGB+White Flood Lights to accent the steel beams of the glass covered structure. They are controlling the lights with our 4 Knob RGBW Controller which allows them to fine tune each color 255 dimming levels resulting in 4.3 billion distinct color options. Power is being proved to the numerous flood lights using a waterproof 24VDC 600W Power Supply. It is an honor to have our products used to light this architectural masterpiece. The customer was very happy with the lighting results saying they look great and do exactly what they need.


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Our local customers, Have Lights Will Travel, did a one time colored lighting installation for the Believe sculpture located in downtown Reno, NV. The sculpture was created by artist Jeff Schomberg and his team at The Letter Factory and was an art piece at Burning Man, later sold to the city of Reno. They used 7 of our 20" RGB Wall Washers, which are capable of projecting millions of color tones. Each letter was able to be controlled with our 10 Zone RGB Color Wheel Control Kit. The wall washers are being powered by Waterproof 24VDC Transformers. The colors are bright and vivid and the wall washers did a great job illuminating the entire piece of art.

Color Changing Exterior Home Lighting with LED Flood Lights

Having a mansion is one thing, having a mansion that is lit up with 4 different zones of color changing lighting is an entirely different flex. This customer used our RGBW Flood Lights to bring vibrant and eye catching lighting the outside of their extravagant home. The RGBW Controller used controls up to 4 zones letting the end user choose from a variety of fun and unique color choices. This home was great before and with the addition of the RGBW lighting it is truly one of a kind and sure to be a neighborhood standout. If you have a similar project for color changing outdoor lighting give one of our friendly sales associates a a call and they would be glad to assist you.

Storefront Color Wash using RGBW LED Wall Washers

This exquisite storefront color changing lighting was accomplished using our RGBW LED Wall Washers. The linear wall washers perfectly fit below the eaves of the building and output plenty of light for the color washing of the entire front of the building. The lighting draws attention to the business and also makes a memorable experience for the customers. The color changing effects are controlled using our RGBW LED Controllers. Power is being driven from a 24VDC Power Supply. If you are looking for a simple way to make your business or storefront stand out our RGBW Wall Washers are the perfect choice for drawing attention and leaving an imprint. Give us a call today if you have a similar project in mind, we would be glad to assist you.

RGB LED Wall Washers Light up a building Facade with Color

Our local customers, Have Lights Will Travel, recently installed 14 of our 24VDC 40" RGB LED Wall Washers at the Washoe County Sheriff's Office located in Reno, NV. Using our 10 Zone Color Wheel Controller and multiple wireless receivers they were able to adjust the colors of the wall washers in zones rather than only having the option of the lights being the same color at the same time. As you can see the projection of the wall washers is great enough to light up the concrete entryway. Power is being driven using 24VDC Power Supplies. This was a fun project to see and we are glad that we can be apart of lighting up our local community with low voltage color changing LED lighting.