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LED Light Bulbs & Fixtures

Browse our large selections of eco-friendly LED light bulbs, LED fluorescent tube lamps, RGB LED color changing lights, RGBW 4 color LED bulbs, Par20, Par30, Par38, and MR16 LED Light Bulbs. Whether you need home or business lighting our bulbs and fixtures can easily be installed for accent, spot lighting, or neon and halogen bulb replacements. We have products for both indoor and outdoor lighting projects in a wide array of color temperatures and styles.

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RGBW LED Light Bulbs & Fixtures - 4 Color

RGBW Color Changing LED Light Fixtures combine the color effects of an RGB light with added white or warm output. Giving you the ability to create a large array of pastel color tones that are less vibrant, easier on the eyes, and unachieveable with standard RGB.

RGB LED Color Changing Light Bulbs & Fixtures

RGB Color Changing LED Light Fixtures use a combination of Red, Green, and Blue light outputs to create over 16 million color varieties. All of our RGB LED Fixtures use a 3in1 LED chip which provides cleaner and denser color mixing.

Underwater LED Pond & Pool Lights

Our IP68 underwater rated LED Light fixtures are the perfect option to bring vibrant color options with RGB or even more color mixing options using our RGBW underwater fixtures.

LED Deck & Pathway Lights

All of our Deck and Pathway lights are constructed from Grade 316 stainless steel. A simple, non-obtrusive, low power LED light fixture designed to be mounted in decks, paths, and stairs to create appealing accent lighting that doubles as a safety precaution.

LED Wall Washers

LED Wall Washers are designed to project light up to 100ft on the side of walls, pillars, building, architecture, landscaping and so much more. A low beam angle allows for focused projection of RGB color changing or single color white or warm output.

Commercial LED Light Fixtures

Commercial LED fixtures are a low power, long lasting, green energy solution to typical commercial lighting. Over time the savings in power and maintenance cost will pay for the unit and put money back into your wallet.

LED Light Bulbs & Tubes

LED Light bulbs and tube lights are the simplest form of LED lighting. Simply unscrew your light bulb and screw in a low power energy saving LED. Please note our LED tubes require a ballast bypass.

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