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LED Neon Lights

Browse our growing selection of dotless LED Neon Flex Strip Lights. These LED Neon Lights have a special silicon coating to fully diffuse the low voltage strip light below, which in turn gives the effect of neon lighting. The only thing these strips lights don't have when compared to traditional neon is harmful chemicals, gases, unreliable transformers and unsafe operating voltage. Our Neon Flex Lights operate on safe to touch, low voltage 24VDC power and have an operating lifetime of 50,000 hours with ETL safety mark and approval. Their are two types for different applications, Top Emitting which bends on a vertical axis and Side Emitting which bends on a horizontal axis.

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RGB+White Dotless Neon

Classical color changing RGB with the addition of cool or warm white output for 4,228,250,625 color plus white variations. * Requires RGBW Controller.

RGB Dotless Neon

Red, Green & Blue color mixing over 255 levels of dimming to achieve 16,581,375 color adjustments. * Requires RGB Controller.