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Pool Grotto Lighing using Color Changing LED Lights

Pool Grotto Step Lights Pool Grotto LEDs Pool Grotto Lighting Pool Grotto Steps
Pool Grotto Step Lights Pool Grotto LEDs Pool Grotto Lighting Pool Grotto Steps


A pool grotto waterfall and steps to a water slide are lit using our color changing RGB led lighting. The small size of our D1 RGB LED Step lights make them easy to install and a perfect brightness to light the steps leading to the water slide feature at night. Two underwater RGB light fixtures are placed behind the waterfall and lit at night to illuminate the falling water. The color control is driven by our 4 zone RGBW Controller and WiFi receivers, which allows the home owner to change the color of the lighting in 4 places from their phone or handheld remote. The four zone system also allows for both 12V and 24V products to be used from the same controller using separate receivers.


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Using our Ribbon Star Extreme 24VDC RGB LED Strip Lights under the support beams of this bird cage pool enclosure our customer was able to bring custom color changing accent lighting to their personal swimming hole. During the day this is just like any other bird cage enclosure but once the sun goes down this space comes to life with control from our 3 in 1 WiFi LED Network Controller, capable of over 16 million color choices and custom color changing scenes directly from a smart phone or tablet. The 24V Extreme RGB Strip Lights can be connected in series up to 100ft at a mere 1.7W per foot. The custom lengths were cut, connected, and tested by our Ecolocity staff prior to shipping for an additional charge, making the 100ft serial connection less time consuming and ensuring the product works properly the first time around. The owners of the home are ecstatic about their new lighting and can't wait to show them off to friends and neighbors.

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A boat dock in Florida is brought to life using waterproof Color Changing LED Strip Lights inside of aluminum channels with Square Frosted Covers. Our surface mount Deck Fixtures are used along the path of the dock and each section is controlled separately using our 8 Zone Wifi Receivers. The lights can be controlled using a free phone app or also by pairing with an RF Remote Control. Needless to say this boat dock really stands out from the rest. It is not only functional but also looks really cool and the homeowners couldn't be more pleased. If you have a dock that you want to light with LED strips or fixtures, give us a call and we can point you in the right direction.

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This is a great project in the home of one of our customers who used Super Nova 4 White and Super Nova 4 Blue LED Modules to light the interior of his Aquarium. By using the Pro Dim 5 Channel PWM LED Dimmer with two separate receivers he's able to separately dim the white LEDs modules from the blue with an RF remote control. The LED Modules deliver a clean and crisp light that really brings out all of the spectacular details of this tank. The receivers are being powered by two 200W 12VDC LED Power Supplies. If you are interested in lighting your own aquarium the Super Nova 4 LED Modules are a great solution that will last a very long time with little to no maintenance.