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Houseboat Remodel is Completed using RGB + Warm White Strip Lighting

Houseboat Strips Houseboat RGBW RGBWW Kitchen
Houseboat Strips Houseboat RGBW RGBWW Kitchen


Using RGB + Warm White Strip Lights this customer completed their houseboat remodel with color changing plus warm white LED Strip Lights. The strips were hidden to create a beautiful lighting glow with no visible LED diodes. The color changing control comes from our wall mount UX8 RGBW Controller which allows the user to change the color and control the brightness of the warm white output. From the mouth of our customer, "It turned out better than I could have imagined." If you want to add color changing lighting to your space give us a call and we would be happy to help you with your project.


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RGBW Waterproof Strip Lights for Color Changing Eave Lighting

Our customer used RGBW 4in1 Waterproof Strip Lights inside of our Siler Channel attached to the underside of his backyard eaves to create color changing eave lighting. The lights are being controlled using our wall mounted UX8 RGBW Controller. Power is being driven using a 24VDC Power Supply. The 4 in 1 RGBW strip light has the ability to create color changing effects with the addition of a pure white 5,700-6,500K output. That means that when you want a colored mood lighting you can choose a color and tone down the saturation with the addition of white. Or when you want a task lighting for grilling or yard clean up, you have the bright white light output to illuminate the patio. The project turned out amazing and the customer is more than happy with the results.

Low Energy LED Houseboat Lighting

If you own a boat, houseboat, sailboat, yacht, or any other marine vessel you know that being stranded without electricity in the middle of the sea or lake could cause serious problems. With the low power consumption of LED lighting you can use less stored energy to power your Houseboat Lighting. Simply by switching some of the lighting in this houseboat to LED the energy savings is reduced by over 50% and will last much longer than any other type of bulb. As you can see the lights are plenty bright and provide an excellent lighting source in even the smallest places. Six 2 foot T-8 LED Tube Lamps are being used to power the kitchen lighting and our Ribbon Star Ultra Waterproof LED Strip Light provides ultra bright and low energy lighting to the bow and stern of the boat. As you can see the lighting is amazing and the low energy consumption of the LED lighting will save power and battery life.

Color Changing Boat Dock Lighting using LED Strip Lights

A boat dock in Florida is brought to life using waterproof Color Changing LED Strip Lights inside of aluminum channels with Square Frosted Covers. Our surface mount Deck Fixtures are used along the path of the dock and each section is controlled separately using our 8 Zone Wifi Receivers. The lights can be controlled using a free phone app or also by pairing with an RF Remote Control. Needless to say this boat dock really stands out from the rest. It is not only functional but also looks really cool and the homeowners couldn't be more pleased. If you have a dock that you want to light with LED strips or fixtures, give us a call and we can point you in the right direction.

Ribbon Star Max Waterproof LED Strips for Exterior Camper Lighting

Using 12VDC Ribbon Star Max Waterproof White and Red LED Strip Lights our customer was able to transform his exterior camper lighting into functional and eye catching low voltage lighting, powered by the existing 12VDC battery source. By simply cleaning the underside frame of the camper with a brake cleaner the industrial strength double sided VHB adhesive was suffice to permanently adhere 30 feet of the Max White Waterproof Strip to the under side of the camper carriage. Using 20ft of Max Red Waterproof Strip he then gave an appealing colored lighting to the shade awning. This lighting is perfect for entertaining guests or to make the campsite easy to find in a crowded location. The end result was amazing and the customer couldn't be happier.