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RGBW Waterproof Strip Lights for Color Changing Eave Lighting

RGBW Eaves
RGBW Eaves


Our customer used RGBW 4in1 Waterproof Strip Lights inside of our Siler Channel attached to the underside of his backyard eaves to create color changing eave lighting. The lights are being controlled using our wall mounted UX8 RGBW Controller. Power is being driven using a 24VDC Power Supply. The 4 in 1 RGBW strip light has the ability to create color changing effects with the addition of a pure white 5,700-6,500K output. That means that when you want a colored mood lighting you can choose a color and tone down the saturation with the addition of white. Or when you want a task lighting for grilling or yard clean up, you have the bright white light output to illuminate the patio. The project turned out amazing and the customer is more than happy with the results.


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Permanent Outdoor LED Strip Lights Under Eave Facia for Christmas and Holidays

Using our Outdoor LED Strip Lights our customer installed permanent Christmas and holiday lighting using colored strip lights on the eaves of their home. The Waterproof RGBW Strip Lights are a perfect permanent holiday light because they allow the user to create numerous color choices with the addition of a cool white output. RGBW Color Controller allows for different zones to be controlled to have multiple colors and variation based on the holiday or occasion. The home is so bright and vibrant after the lighting upgrade and is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood. If you are looking to install permanent decorative lighting on the outside of your home or business, give us a call and we would be happy to assist you.

Outdoor Patio Lighting using Max Waterproof LED Strip Lights

This customer used our 12VDC Ribbon Star Max White Waterproof Strip Lights to redo existing color changing RBG strips that were previously installed on the lip of his outdoor patio counter top. We received a phone call inquiring about replacing the existing 4 wire RGB color changing strip lights because LED sections keep going out. Rather than simply shipping him new strip lights we researched the problem and discovered that his 12V source was actually 12VAC (typical for landscape lighting transformers) which was causing the failures in the 12VDC strip lights. We recommended that he purchase a compatible 12VDC, 60W Waterproof Power Supply for his new new strip lights and even cut and soldered the custom lengths so he could easily install his new lighting with the existing wiring in place. Once he received the order it didn't take him long to install the new white strips light that will be sure to last much longer than the old strip lights. In his own word he said, "I wanted to thank you for the fantastic service you provided. The LED lights are awesome!!!"

Ribbon Star Waterproof Strips add a Soft Glow to Outdoor Patio Railing

Using nine 118" pieces of our dimmable 12VDC Ribbon Star Warm White Waterproof LED Strip lights our customer cut and soldered customized lengths to create inviting and sleek lighting to the underside of their outdoor patio railing. Each strip already comes with one male and one female waterproof plug on each end and an additional wire to bare lead, so all they had to do was create the custom lengths with matching wire gender, after that the installation was a breeze. Power is being driven from two locations using one 36W 12V Waterproof Power Supply and one 100W 12V Waterproof Power Supply. A 5 Zone PWM Dimmer was added inline on the 12VDC side with two zone receivers giving them the option to dim and brighten the lighting for both entertaining and relaxing. The lighting turned out great and will be sure to last a lifetime, if you have a similar project or are curious on how this was done we are always here to help you with all your lighting projects both big and small.

RGBWW Strip Lights for Fire Pit Outline a Backyard Patio

RGB + Warm White Strip Lights are set within Siler Aluminum Channels and frosted covers to light up the walls, fire pit and features of an outdoor patio space. The strip lights are adhered to the caps of the stone walls creating a stunning glow down the walls and throughout the patio floor. Each different lighting area is controlled independently using a 4 Zone RGBW Remote which pairs to wireless receivers. The receivers are then wired to the LED Strip Light runs and powered by a 24VDC Power Supply. There are three separately controlled areas on this patio that all have the ability to create millions of color tone varieties. The mixture of the strip light within the channel with frosted cover provides a versatile and unique outdoor lighting solution that is built to last.