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Ribbon Star Waterproof Strips add a Soft Glow to Outdoor Patio Railing

Product Description

Using nine 118" pieces of our dimmable 12VDC Ribbon Star Warm White Waterproof LED Strip lights our customer cut and soldered customized lengths to create inviting and sleek lighting to the underside of their outdoor patio railing. Each strip already comes with one male and one female waterproof plug on each end and an additional wire to bare lead, so all they had to do was create the custom lengths with matching wire gender, after that the installation was a breeze. Power is being driven from two locations using one 36W 12V Waterproof Power Supply and one 100W 12V Waterproof Power Supply. A 5 Zone PWM Dimmer was added inline on the 12VDC side with two zone receivers giving them the option to dim and brighten the lighting for both entertaining and relaxing. The lighting turned out great and will be sure to last a lifetime, if you have a similar project or are curious on how this was done we are always here to help you with all your lighting projects both big and small.

Ribbon Star, Waterproof Warm White LED Strip Light - UL 12VDC - IP67

SKU: RL-SC-RS-T-WW-3M     View Product Page
Our durable and long lasting UL Listed waterproof, UV proof, dust proof, and flexible Ribbon Star LED strip provides a perfect light source for many exterior / outdoor lighting projects. This 118" (3m) roll is easy to use and comes with waterproof connectors, male on one end and a female on the other end. It also has many quick connection options for easy connection and use. Has 3M™ VHB™ mounting tape on the back, for the best long-term mounting solution. 3 SMD LEDs per 2 inches with a total of 180 LEDs, which require 14.6W of power for 118" strip (1.46W per foot). This LED ribbon tape has the perfect brightness for ambient lighting, stair and step lighting, fences, eves, gazebos, decks, backlighting, and many more outdoor lighting applications. Extras include 10 clear plastic screw down holders, 4 closed end caps, 4 end caps with holes for wiring, and a waterproof connector at each end. Each roll requires a 12VDC Constant Voltage power source and is not intended to be submersed for extended periods. This warm white strip comes in a 3000-3500K color temperature, UL Listed for class 2 luminaries and fixtures, RoHS and CE approved.

Ribbon Star, Waterproof Warm White LED Strip Light - UL 12VDC - IP67
4.92ft (1.5m) Half Reel
9.84ft (3m) Full Reel

LED Pro Dim 5 Zone LED and Incandescent Dimmer System, 12-32VDC

SKU: LC-KT-DIM5-KIT     View Product Page
This unique professional quality wireless dimming system can dim LED lighting systems in 5 zones or areas. The RF remote control has 5 selectable channels, each channel can be connected to an unlimited number of Receivers. Each low voltage LED Receiver can connect 10A of 12 - 32VDC LED lighting product. 32 dimming levels from 5-100% brightness gives the user plenty of dimming choices. Each high voltage Triac Receiver can dim your incandescent or high voltage lighting up to 250W at 110VAC or 500W at 220VAC. This allows you to turn off or dim 5 areas or zones of LED and incandescent lights mixed or in different zones. 12VDC - 120W; 24VDC - 240W; 32VDC - 320W Max LED lighting connection to each receiver. Each item is sold separately. You can buy additional receivers as needed for your system. Remote requires on CR2032 Battery, one included.

LED Pro Dim 5 Zone LED and Incandescent Dimmer System, 12-32VDC
5 Zone RF Remote
Low Voltage LED Receiver
High Voltage Triac Receiver

Mean Well Waterproof LED Power Supply 36W - 12VDC

SKU: PS-MW-36-W-12     View Product Page
Our class 2 Waterproof Mean Well 36 Watt 12VDC Constant Voltage LED Power Supply is the premier power source for any indoor or outdoor LED lighting project. The IP67 rating is suitable for any application that isn't exposed to direct sunlight or immersed with water more than 30 minutes. Built in power surge, short circuit, overload, and over voltage protection makes this a high quality and durable power source for your 12V constant voltage LEDs. A full range input of 100-240VAC makes this power supply suitable for both residential and commercial applications. UL recognized, class 2, and LPS approved.

Mean Well Waterproof LED Power Supply 36W - 12VDC

Mean Well Waterproof LED Power Supply 100W - 12VDC

SKU: PS-MW-100-W-12     View Product Page
This product is a 100W Mean Well Brand, 12VDC LED transformer / power supply, 100-240VAC input, with 12VDC output. IP67 rated for wet or damp locations. Has one 10" long 12VDC output connection that can be used to power 12VDC Constant Voltage LED Modules, LED Lights, LED Light Strips, RGB LED lighting and other 12VDC Constant Voltage LED Lighting products. Comes with built in short circuit, overload, and over voltage protection. 100-240VAC input wire colors are as follow: Brown - Load, Blue - Neutral. Output wires are Black - DC negative and Red - DC Positive. This AC/DC transformer can connect up to 90 one watt led lights. Non-submersible, non uv-proof, UL recognized, RoHS, FCC and CE approved.

Mean Well Waterproof LED Power Supply 100W - 12VDC
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