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Waterproof Wire Jumper Connector, 1-4 Conductor

WP Jumper Con Connection Example Wire Con
WP Jumper Con Connection Example Wire Con


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Our black nylon cable jumper can be used with our outdoor waterproof 2 and 4 conductor wires to create an IP68 waterproof, and dust free seal as well as a secure housing for your 1-4 conductor LED wiring. Each end has an M20 x 1.5 type connector with a rubber grommet designed to seal any of our 0.2" - 0.35" diameter cables. Inside each jumper is a 4 pin screw down type connector for conducting electricity using 1 to 4 of the available ports with a 16A 450VAC max rating. The design of the clamping rubber grommet creates a tight and enclosed seal for a wide range of wire gauges without damaging your wire or devices, as well as decreasing tension from wire connections for a safer and more efficient wiring layout. This easy to use connector makes combining two pieces of wire quick and effortless for a secure and permanent wire connection.


ModelWaterproof Wire Jumper, 1-4 Conductor
Dimensions3.0" x 0.97" x 0.97"
Wire Diameter0.2" - 0.35"
Max Ampere/Voltage16A 450VAC
Operating Temp-4° ~ 212°F


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Awesome but may test your patience

These things are really cool! At the ports where you send your wires through, there is a piece that you turn which compresses a gooey washer type thing in towards the wires until it is form molded around them. Works to waterproof and also reduce tension at the wire connections. The only issue I had with these ones was the actual wire connector that is inside of these. You basically have to use it because most other wire connecting things won't fit inside the tube. The problem with the wire connector is the little screws that screw in to hold the wires in place were screwed in so tight it was literally impossible to unscrew them to actually put the wires in the holes and make the needed connections. This was the case for almost half of the ones we ordered. Luckily, I ended up changing up the wiring plan a bit last minute which meant we didn't need the ones we can't use anyway. Overall these are a great idea and I do recommend, but be ready to wrestle with some of them.

Jan 18, 2020 | Nadine