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Deck Staircase Accent using Recessed LED Fixtures

Product Description

For this outdoor lighting project our customer used thirty four 1.40" Round Stainless Steel Recessed LED Fixtures to accent two sets of stair cases off their beautiful custom deck. Unfortunately they were unable to get us any pictures at night but from the pictures that we have you can see how simple these fixtures are to install and how nice they look when they are mounted. The color changing ability of the LED fixtures is achieved using our 4 in 1 WiFi LED Zone Controller with an additional receiver so both stair cases can be controlled at once or independently. The homeowners were very pleased to be able to control their new LED lights directly from their iPad over their home WiFi network. Power is being driven by two 12VDC Transformers and with both sets of lights on full power they are consuming less than 20W total, a low energy and long lasting lighting solution to enhance any outdoor space.

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1.40" RGB LED Recessed Light - 12VDC, IP67 SS316

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This 1.40" Round RGB LED Recessed Light is a durable and long lasting color changing LED Light that only consumes 0.4 watts of power. A stainless steel housing gives this LED an IP67 waterproof rating for outdoor and indoor use (non-submersible). The RGB LED Recessed light is perfect for stair case lighting, hand rails, toe kicks, landscape accents, in ground use, or any other lighting application requiring a small, low profile, and durable color controllable light. This fixture can be mounted in any circular hole with a 1.14" (29mm) Diameter. Using only 0.4W of power per light at 12VDC this product is a low energy, long lasting solution that will give any room or space an amazing color accent. Achieve over 16 million color shades with the right controller. A great solution for your home or business. The frosted cover and low profile when mounted makes for a sleek look when the lights are both on and off. Emits no UV or IR, CE approved. For use only with compatible 12VDC Constant Voltage power supplies and 12VDC common anode controllers.

1.40" RGB LED Recessed Light - 12VDC, IP67 SS316
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4 in 1 Wifi LED Network Controller and Dimmer for Smartphones or Tablets, 12-24VDC 4A/CH

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The WiFi-104 is the latest of our Wifi LED Controllers, allowing the user to control RGB+W, RGB, two tone, and Single Color LED Strip Light all from your smart phone or tablet through the free 'WiFi-104' app. With this controller you do not have to switch from your home network to get back on the internet, but it still can be used remotely as it's own WiFi source. Each WiFi-104 can control up to 12 zones separately with unlimited receivers per zone using 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, 802.11b/g/n Protocol. This means you can control any type of 5-24VDC in twelve places throughout your WiFi area. 12 built in modes including DIY functionality, color wheel choices, as well as specific 0-255 brightness settings, this controller is one of the most versatile we've seen. Output ratings of 4A x 4 channels allow this controller can handle up to 48W per channel at 12VDC or 96W per channel at 24VDC. Each additional wireless zone receiver can handle 5A x 4 channels or 60W per channel and 240W when all channels are being used, with a 150ft RF signal radius (line of sight). Adjustable SSID settings allow for 16 different WiFi controllers to be operated as their own WiFi device in one space, see the instruction manual below for all of the great features of this product including saving and building custom scenes and pairing the wireless 12 zone receivers. This product is CE and RoHS approved.

4 in 1 Wifi LED Network Controller and Dimmer for Smartphones or Tablets, 12-24VDC 4A/CH
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