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PULA Aluminum Extrusion for Glass and Acrylic Shelves

Pula Main Pula Glass Pula Cap Pula Purple Pula Warm LED Pula White LED
Pula Main Pula Glass Pula Cap Pula Purple Pula Warm LED Pula White LED


$149.99 per meter*aluminum channel price (no cover)
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1 Meter

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  • Larger Stock
  • Lowest Cost
1M Silver Anodized

Silver Anodized

  • SKU: EX-KL-GL1-1M
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • 100 In Stock

$124.99 per meter

Cover Rating
Cover K Cover

KA-11 Clear

  • SKU: EX-KL1-CL-1M
  • Most Light Output
  • No Diffusion

$10.49 per meter Lens

KA-11 Frosted

  • SKU: EX-KL1-FR-1M
  • White Satin
  • LED Diffusion

$10.49 per meter Frosted

LIGER-11 Frosted

  • SKU: EX-KL1-FRX-1M
  • White Satin
  • Extra Diffusion

$11.99 per meter

Channel: $149.99
Cover: $0.00
Combined Cost $149.99


The PULA channel is a creative new channel designed for illuminating shelves made of glass, wood or plastic. It comes with two aluminum tracks. One track is for mounting and the other is made to rest and adjust to the width of your shelf material. The PULA is great for architecture, interior decoration or during exhibitions. The channel has two spaces for LEDs, one for lighting up the glass shelf and another for illuminating the wall above the channel. Both profiles are connected with the ability to regulate the distance between their edges every 2 mm (0.08"), so they can be adjusted to the thickness of your shelf. Such fixture can support weight up to 11lb on length of 30 cm (11.8"). Maximum depth of the shelf is 25 cm (9.84").


ModelPULA Extrusion
Dimensions39.37"L x 2.008"W x 1.905"H
Base Width0.44"
Available Lengths1M, 2M
Available FinishesAnodized


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Optional recommended for aesthetics, interior protection, light leakage and mounting options
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Required DC output must match LED light voltage
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