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Live Edge Epoxy Resin Counter Top Lighting with Colored Strip Lights

Resin Bar Epoxy Bar White Bar top Red Table Top Resin Strip Light
Resin Bar Epoxy Bar White Bar top Red Table Top Resin Strip Light


This massive live edge epoxy resin counter bar top was backlit using our 12VDC RGB LED Strip Lights. To light the epoxy river table the strip lighting was adhered to each side and directed towards the interior. Using DMX Control and 12 Channel Decoder the lighting was wired with the ability to change the front and back color of each section of the bar top. The color changing strips were mounted in a groove which was routed for the width of the strip. The groove was far enough back and the LED strip had a high enough density in order to diffuse the color changing lighting before it met the epoxy edge. This technique created a smooth color wash effect throughout the entire live edge river table top. The outcome was amazing and the customers are taken back with the beauty of the results. If you have a live edge epoxy resin river table that you would like to light, please give us a call and we would be happy to help you make it happen.


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