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Night Club Lighting using Color Star Modules

Product Description

This one of a kind project was created by our customer clubTech LLC. for the Mynt Lounge Night Club in Miami Beach, Florida. They started the project by making custom serving trays with a bottom base for battery power, making the serving trays easily portable. The lighting effect was achieved using our ES3 RGB Modules inside each box, and powered the whole system by remote battery power supplying 12VDC. As you can see from these pictures, the results were excellent and the owner's of the Mynt Lounge were more than happy with the effect provided by the RGB LED lighting.

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ES3 RGB LED Module with 160° Lens - 12VDC

SKU: MD-HT-ES3-RGB     View Product Page
This LED module is a great color changing backlight module for channel letters, halo lighting and sign lighting. The 160° beam angle provides a wider beam angle that enable less modules to be used with more even lighting diffusion. This product easily conforms to circular and curved layouts. A total of three 5050 SMD chips provide ample lighting with a max power requirement of 0.72W per module. Each module can be cut anywhere on the lead wires between each module. In addition to being able to be used for sign lighting these modules are great for cove and accent lighting and for use as under-cabinet general illumination. A constant voltage DC power source is needed to power this product. The injected plastic molding ABS shell provides long lasting and durable protection from the elements with a quality PC board and 3 surface mount LEDs below. No more than 20 modules should be powered in a serial connection, 40 modules can be powered in a looped circuit. Please use parallel connections for larger lighting runs. IP66 rating is totally dust tight with protection against direct high pressure water jets (non-submersible) for both indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

ES3 RGB LED Module with 160° Lens - 12VDC
20 Module String - 9.92ft

Mini RGB LED Controller with RF Remote, 5-24VDC 2A/CH

SKU: LC-LF-6RGB     View Product Page
Don't be fooled by the size of this 5-24 Volt Mini RGB LED Controller, it is loaded with functionality and has an RF remote range of up to 50ft. It can be used to control color effects for 5-24 Volt DC Constant Voltage RGB LED Strip Lights, RGB LED modules and RGB LED lights. This RGB LED Controller is for use with 4 pin, 3 loop cable, common anode style constant voltage RGB LED Lights. With 2A per channel output this controller can handle an 72W at 12VDC and 144W at 24VDC. Functions include 20 static colors with 5 levels of dim (minimum dim level %30), and a variety of color flashing, strobing, and fading modes with 5 levels of speed adjustment. Each RF remote can be paired with its controller by pressing the Power and Mode+ button within 5 seconds of DC input. Power is wired through a 5.5 X 2.1mm male barrel connector (opposite gender not included).

Mini RGB LED Controller with RF Remote, 5-24VDC 2A/CH
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