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Crown Molding LED Lighting using Warm White Strip Lights

LED Crown Molding Warm White Crown
LED Crown Molding Warm White Crown


Warm white crown molding accent lighting is achieved using our Ribbon Star Max LED Strip Lights. The strip lights were soldered into a long roll with power leads every 30ft. The required 12 volt power is being driven through 200W 12VDC Power Supplies. The power supplies are connected to multiple wireless control receivers that pair to the dimming remote of our Pro Dim 5 Kit. The high density of the strip light creates a smooth and even glow of accent lighting around the entire portion of crown molding, there are no visible dots or hot spots. The customer is extremely happy with the result and the warm white is a perfect color temp to create an inviting and relaxing living room atmosphere. If you have a similar project lighting crown molding give us a call and we would be happy to help you with your project.


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Color Changing Crown Molding Lighting using RGBW Strips

Color changing 4in1 RGBW Strip sits atop crown molding to outline a game room with RGBW color controllable lighting. T4 Remote Control is used for color changing effects and has a wall mounted cradle for storing. 24VDC Power is required for the strip light, a 200W Mean Well brand was suffice for the load. This strip has RGB color changing strip as well as a warm white color output, so it can change color, also be just warm white, or any combination of both. If you want to know how to put color changing lights in your crown molding give us a call and we would be glad to help you with your project.

24V Flex Strip provides Mind Bending Bar and Restaurant Lighting

This customer project is one of a kind and created using nothing but our 24VDC Ribbon Star Flex RGB Strip, which can be bent and folded around corners, edges and curves. The color changing RGB lighting was tied into the existing DMX control system using our 12 Channel Flicker Free and PX24500 Decoders. The line voltage is transformed to 24VDC using our 320W 24V Mean Well Power Supplies. Take a look through the pictures to see how bright the strip light is and how vivid the colors are under and over the bar area as well as other seating and dance floor areas. The detail on the mountain edging was easy to do because the strip light can literally be bent and folded to meet any layout requirements. Overall this RGB lighting project turned out great and will sure to be remembered when visiting this establishment.

Casino Accent Lighting Using Warm White Strip Lights

The GSR Casino and Resort in Reno, Nevada used our Ribbon Star Flex Warm White Strip Lights to accent the coves of the casino game room floor. They said they liked the flex strip because of its abilities to bend around corners without the need of soldering or using a connector. Power is being driven by multiple 12V Power Supplies and the entire floor is controlled using a DMX lighting system. The results are elegant without being overboard and really invite the customers onto the gaming floor.

Flexible Strip Lights for a Kitchen and Home Bar

This spectacular residence added immaculate lighting to their kitchen and home bar using our Flex Warm White Strip Lights and RGB 180 Color Strips. The special zig zag PCB design of the Flex strip made it easy to bend and fold around the intricate corners of the kitchen cabinetry design. Our Ribbon Star RGB 180 Strip was placed behind stained glass in the bar area as well as a warm white strip above the liquor bottles to make a fun atmosphere that is also warm and inviting. Overall this project turned out amazing and our customers are extremely pleased with the results. Product used in this project can be found below.