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LTECH T4 RGBW 8 Zone Programmable RF Remote and Receiver Kit, 5-24VDC 5Ax4CH

RGBW Color Wheel Kit RGBW Remote Product Dimensions Color Wheel Example
RGBW Color Wheel Kit RGBW Remote Product Dimensions Color Wheel Example


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The state of the art LTECH T4 RF remote and four color RGBW wireless receiver has the ability to control the color effects of your 5-24VDC RGB+W, RGB+WW, or any 5-24VDC 4 color constant voltage lighting product. Each color wheel RF remote is specially paired by the user to any given amount of receivers over 8 zones (optional). Advanced control technology lets the user switch from "sync" and "zone" mode for smooth color changing control using multiple wireless receivers within the 2.4GHz RF range of 100ft (line of sight). Simply change the color effects of each zone individually, in groups, or all zones as one through the T4 remote control. Choose from 10 pre-programmed modes with speed, brightness, skipping, smooth fade, and strobe options or choose from an array of colors on the color wheel with independent single color dimming control. A specialized DIY function lets the user create custom color changing scenes up to 8 colors with speed and brightness control. In zone mode you can create one custom lighting scene per zone. In sync mode you can save 8 of your favorite custom color scenes by pressing and holding the number key pad. Previous color settings are stored to the wireless receivers when power is turned on and off. Each 4 channel receiver can control up to 5 amps of 5-24VDC LEDs per channel, or 60W per channel at 12VDC (240W Max); and 120W at 24VDC (480W Max). The color wheel remote is powered through a built in 5V lithium battery and charged using an included USB to mini USB cord. One kit includes one memory RGBW T4 Color Wheel Remote and one RGBW 4 Channel Receiver, additional wireless receivers are sold separately.


ModelColor Wheel RGBW 8 Zone Controller and Receiver Kit, 5-24VDC
Remote Dimensions5.71"L x 2.17"W x 0.87"H
Receiver Dimensions6.89"L x 1.73"W x 1.18"H
Input Connection2 Wire (+/-)
Output Connection5 Wire RGBW(+)
Input Power5 - 24VDC
Output Power5A x 4CH
Maximum Watts12VDC - 240W
24VDC - 480W
Operating Temp-22° ~ 131°F
Warranty Period1 Year
RF Receiver Radius150ft (line of sight)
Static Color Choices4,096
Color Changing Modes10 Modes, 3 Types See Modes
  • 3 Types of Control: Jump | Fade | Strobe
  • = Speed Adjustment, 256 Levels
  • = Brightness Adjustment, 256 Levels
  1. Black
  2. Red
  3. Green
  4. Blue
  5. Yellow
  6. Purple
  7. Cyan
  8. White
  9. RGB
  10. 7 Color



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