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How to Determine a Sufficient Power Supply

The power supply, also known as a transformer or driver, is one of the most important components of an LED system. Using the wrong type of power supply can not only damage your LED product but can also be a very dangerous fire hazard. It is also important to know your input AC Voltage and be certain that it coheres with the products requirements. Determining the proper power supply is fairly simple when you follow these few steps.

LED Tutorials - Power Supply
Voltage Swatches
1.) Determine the correct voltage

The DC voltage of your LED product is a key element in determining the correct power supply that you need to purchase. Here at Ecolocity LED all of our LED transformers are constant voltage style, meaning that they are not dimmable and must constantly remain at the products DC Voltage. This does not mean that our lighting products are not dimmable, it simply means that the power supply cannot be dimmed, dimming is only achieved through PWM dimmers which can be found in a wide variety on under our LED Lighting Controls category page. We sell 5VDC, 12VDC, and 24VDC power supplies. We carry a small amount of LED Modules that require 5VDC, all of our LED Strip Lighting as well as most of our LED Modules require 12VDC with some new 24VDC strip light additions, and all of our Wall Washer LED products require 24VDC.

2.) Determine your total lighting length

After you have determined the voltage of the LED Product that you would like to use, you must then calculate the total distance of your project. Be as precise as possible to avoid any complications further along in your installation.

3.) Find the Wattage of the Product

On each of our product pages you can find a specifications table that list the DC Voltage of the product as well as the wattage that the product needs in order to function properly. LED Modules specs are listed per module, LED Strip Lighting is listed as wattage per foot, and all other products are listed per product. If you know the amperage and voltage of the product you can simply multiply the two to figure the wattage.

Specifications Chart
4.) Do the math

The next step in determining the correct transformer to use would be some simple multiplication and addition. Once you know the length or amount of product that you will be using. Simply multiply that variable by the products wattage spec and then add an additional 10-15% on top of that in order to not overdrive the power supply. Once this number is determined you can choose from any power supply that is greater than that variable. Note: it is not possible to under drive a power supply.

5.) Installation

After you have determined the sufficient amount of wattage that you will need to power your LED lights, then you can consider what style of power supply that you would like to use. Below is a list of the different types of power supplies that we carry here at Ecolocity LED.

- Wall Plug Style Using Barrel Connectors
We have a variety of wall plug style transformers in both 12VDC and 24VDC, intended for indoor use only. Our wall plug power supplies range from 12W to 60W making them great for smaller projects. Another advantage to this style of power supply is that they are simple to use, just plug them into your existing 100-240VAC electrical outlet and hook them up to your single color LED Lights, or LED Light components using any of our barrel connector products.
Barrel Diagram
- Hard Wire Style
If you are planning on hard wiring your LED power supply directly to your 100-240VAC power source then a hard wire style transformer would be necessary. We carry a variety of hard wire style power supplies, including many that are water-resistant. Be aware of which power supply that you are purchasing as some contain special mounting instructions as well as cooling fans in order to operate properly.
Barrel Diagram
- Water Resistant Power Supplies
If you have an outdoor job or are mounting your power supply in a place that is exposed to dust and moisture, then one of our water-resistant power supplies would be the correct choice. All water-resistant power supplies come with an IP66 or IP 67 outdoor rating. Note: These power supplies are non UV Proof and non submersible.
Water-Resistant Power Supply
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