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How to Use LED Neon Flex

Neon Flex is a unique product with a lighting source made from strip lights but wrapped with a silicone body consisting of a milky top or side that completely diffuses the light output to appear like traditional neon lighting. If you are tired of dots and don't want to add the cost of an extrusion check out this page to learn how to use LED neon.

What is LED Neon?

LED Neon Flex is a special designed strip light encapsulated inside of a milky plastic or silicone molding. The molding diffuses the strip light which projects the light with not visible dots or hot spots. The light output is similar to a traditional neon tube but does not have any of the harsh gases, chemicals, or finicky transformers required for conventional neon lighting. Our strip lights are 24VDC low voltage and have a 50,000 hour lifetime rating, sure enough to last a lifetime. They are an eco-friendly and cost effective solution for many linear lighting projects and basically take the necessity of using costly aluminum channels and covers to create light runs with no visible dots or hot spots.

What is LED Neon Flex?
LED Tutorials - Cutting and Soldering RGB Neon Strips

Our RGB Neon strip is a one of a kind product but requires a little bit of soldering and technical skills in order to cut, reconnect and reseal to keep an IP66 waterproof rating. Follow the steps below for best results when cutting and soldering our 24V RGB Neon Strips.

LED Tutorials - Cutting and Soldering RGB Neon Strips