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What is LED Neon?

LED Neon Flex is a special designed strip light encapsulated inside of a milky plastic or silicone molding. The molding diffuses the strip light which projects the light with not visible dots or hot spots. The light output is similar to a traditional neon tube but does not have any of the harsh gases, chemicals, or finicky transformers required for conventional neon lighting. Our strip lights are 24VDC low voltage and have a 50,000 hour lifetime rating, sure enough to last a lifetime. They are an eco-friendly and cost effective solution for many linear lighting projects and basically take the necessity of using costly aluminum channels and covers to create light runs with no visible dots or hot spots.

What is LED Neon?

Ecolocity LED Neon Lights Have the Following Features

LED Neon
Side Emitting

Side emitting neon flex strip can only bend on a horizontal axis. These are best used for making wall signs, non-linear patterns, and following curves or circles.

Side Emitt
Top Emitting

Top emitting neon flex strip can only bend on a vertical axis. It bends in a similar fashion to standard led strip lights and is best used for uniform linear lighting.

Top Emitt
Color Output & Temperature

Best for calming mood setting

Best for task and designs

(Color Changing)
Best for entertaining

(Color + White)
Best for any environment

Lumens (Brightness) neon lumens

Depending on the project the Neon Flex may require a higher or lower brightness, we have neon flex for task and accent lighting.

Mounting Clips and Channels Neon Clips

Neon Flex Strips do not have adhesive backing and require mounting clips, channels, or pre-fabricated setting for permanent mounting.

Waterproof Coating IP67

All of our Neon flex has an IP67 rating. Meaning they are protected against dust and temporary immersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Where to use Ecolocity LED Neon Lights

  • Signs & Lettering
    LED Neon Sign
  • Stairs & Steps
    LED Neon Stairs
  • Walls & Designs
    LED Neon Wall
  • Decks & Pathways
    LED Neon on a Deck
  • Gazebos & Pergolas
    LED Neon Gazebo
  • Architectural Accents
    LED Neon Architecture
  • Interior Design
    Neon Interior Design
  • Art Installations
    LED Neon Art

How to use Ecolocity LED Neon

  1. Choose Bend & Shape

    Horizontal bending neon can be shaped into curved designs where vertical bends like traditional strip lighting. Both designs have a flat and curved profile option depending on desired effect.

  2. Determine Power Input

    Each type of neon flex has a watts/foot rating. Calculate the amount of feet you want to power and multiply it by the W/ft spec. Choose a power supply with larger load capacity than your calculation.

  3. Test Neon

    Before permanently mounting the neon flex light we recommend you unroll it from its reel and test it. Be sure that it is the type you want and desired color tone before permanent installation.

  4. Mounting Accessories

    Each roll of neon flex light comes with mounting clips. VHB tape will not stick to the silicone housing so you must use mounting clips or a designated track for mounting.

  5. Mount & Install

    When the mounting accessories are in place you can then push the neon into the mounting accessory. Each neon flex has a specially designed clip or profile to hold the light in place.

  6. Wire Neon

    Wire all neon light leads back to 24VDC power without exceeding maximum load or serial connections. For larger installs parallel connections are ideal for best light output.

  7. Add a Dimmer or Controller

    White and Warm White neon flex can be dimmed using our PWM dimmers or Dimmable Power Supplies. When using our RGB or RGBW neon one a color controllers is necessary.

Neon LED Lights