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Customer LED Projects

Here you can see all of our customer's amazing LED lighting projects that were created using Ecolocity LED products and LED Lighting accessories. From LED Strip Light Projects to LED Wall Washer projects, our customer's have done it all. Browse these great finished projects to get some ideas for your next LED Lighting design.

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Exterior Color Changing Eave Lighting using Waterproof RGBW LED Strip Lights.
Boat Dock LED Lighting using Color Changing Strip Lights and LED Deck Fixtures.
Live Edge Epoxy Resin Bar Top is under Lit using RGB Color Changing Strip Lights.
Warm White Strip Lights inside of Aluminum Channels create a Stunning Driveway.
Waterproof Strip Lights are used for Shower Niche Lighting and Shower Ceiling Lighting.
White Strip Lights are embedded into Drywall Extrusions to create seamless decorative wall lighting.
LED Strip Lights and 45° Channels project warm white lighting on a taxidermy scene.
GSR Resort brings warm and inviting strip light accent lighting to its casino floor.
ClubTech, Miami delivers a spectacular RGB lighting design with DMX control.
Warm White LED Strip Lights add inviting accent lighting to this cozy home theater.
12V Flex Warm White Strip Lights literally bend around the corners of this kitchen lighting design.
BS3 Bright White LED Modules create a reverse halo lighting effect on an outdoor motel sign.
12VDC Digital Color Chasing Strips line a slide and waterfall of an indoor swimming pool.
RGB 90 Color Changing 12 Volt Strip Lights are used for above kitchen cabinet accent lighting.
Doublewide 3528 size White LED Strip Lights placed under crystals create exotic luminaries.
RGB + Warm White 24 Volt LED Strip Lights add accent to a home renovation.
Color Changing Wall Washers illuminate a sculpture which was once featured at Black Rock City.
24V RGB Flex strip is bent and folded around curves to create custom accent lighting.
White Modules with a 160° beam angle make it easy to light business signage with no hot spots.
1/8" wide Thinlux Warm White LED Strip lights are used on a custom wood working lamp project.
Hight Density Supreme 24V White Strip Lights are used to light a gift shop display.
50W RGB Flood Lights are used to bring color changing life and attraction to this business.
12 Volt DC Waterproof Strip Lights are installed to add warmth to an outdoor space.
24V RGB Lux Strip is installed with extra frosted covers to create color effects for Absolut Display.
40in color changing RGB Wall Washers are used to light up this outdoor lighting facade.
This art car uses LED strip and pixel lights to transform an old van into a mutant vehicle.
24VDC Waterproof Strip creates a pine tree design atop Dayton NV's historic water tower.
Digital strip lights can be controlled every pixel of LED for color chasing and multi color effects.
Our highest density RGB Strip Light brings consistent lighting to this custom glass design.
RGB + Warm White Strip Lights and RGB Spot Bulbs bring vivid color to a fireplace mantle.
12 Volt RGB Strip Lights and Zone control illuminate this penthouse suite patio.
12 Volt DC Waterproof Strip Lights are installed to add exotic outdoor deck lighting.
24VDC Outdoor Extreme Strip Lights are used on the Exterior of Pirelli P Zero World.
Outdoor Aluminum Channels and LED Strip Lights create an interactive Art Exhibit.
12VDC Ribbon Star Max Waterproof White and Red Strips bring this Camper to Life.
Above and Under Kitchen Cabinet lighting using 12VDC UL Listed Warm White LED Strip Lights.
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