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LED Art Car Lights up the Playa in the Black Rock Desert

LED Art Car LED Mutant Vehicle Art Car Lights Playa art car LED Playa Art Car
LED Art Car LED Mutant Vehicle Art Car Lights Playa art car LED Playa Art Car


Sinderella's Midnight Ride is a mutant vehicle created for fun trips through the black rock playa as well as an attractive art car for local festivities and events. Our company is located close to the black rock desert so I was able to help them out with the LED lighting for their project. The concept of the art car is a pumpkin carriage, steel circle beams were welded to the top of the car and I used our Ribbon Star Extreme RGB Strip light on the tops of those beams. The double sided VHB tape was plenty strong enough to handle the high dust and harsh environments of the playa. The wooden wheels were custom made and mounted to cover the actual tires of the car, these were lit using our 5VDC Digital Pixel Modules, with our 15 Mode Pixel Controller, to create a moving type effect on the wheels. These wheels were known to be seen from far across the desert. Over all this art car was a lot of fun to work on and only have more lighting to add at this point. If you are interested in your own mutant vehicle or art car lighting project give us a call and we'd be happy to assist you.


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