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Outdoor accent lighting using Ribbon Star Extreme 24V LED Strips

Product Description

Our amazing customers sent us some photos from the latest exterior lighting addition to Pirelli's P Zero World using our 24VDC Ribbon Star Extreme White Outdoor LED Strip Lights. Using roughly 230ft of our extreme white strips and multiple 240 watt 24VDC waterproof power converters they added linear lighting to the exterior cornice of the building perimeter. The strip lighting is concealed by a yellow diffusing plastic to match the companies color profiles and bring unity with the pre existing channel letter lighting. With a longer max serial connection (100ft) than our other strip lights, the installation was quick and painless using our 2 conductor outdoor wire to create connections back to the 24VDC power source. Here is what the installer had to say about the finished project, "Thanks for all your help. The lights worked perfectly for the light strip at the top of our client's building. The photos don't do it justice, actually."

Mean Well Waterproof LED Power Supply 240W - 24VDC

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This product is a Mean Well brand waterproof LED power converter with a 100-240VAC, or 277VAC (North America Only) input and a 24VDC 10 amp output of 240W. IP67 rated for wet or damp locations. This LED power supply can be used to power 24VDC Constant Voltage LED Wall Washers, LED Lights, LED Light Ribbons, RGB LED lighting and other 24VDC LED Lighting products. Comes with built in PFC (Power Factor Correction) as well as short circuit protection. AC input wire colors are as follow: Brown - Load, Blue - Neutral, Green - Ground. The manufacturer recommends a 92.5% max load of 222 watts. Non-submersible, non uv-proof, UL recognized, RoHS, and CE approved.

Mean Well Waterproof LED Power Supply  240W - 24VDC

2 Conductor Outdoor and Waterproof Wire - 18AWG

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This is a 2 conductor outdoor and waterproof stranded wire, made for use with any of our single color indoor or outdoor rated LED lighting products. Use this 18AWG stranded wire with our strip lights, modules, wall washers, or any low voltage DC system. Wires are sold in 10ft and 50ft increments and will be shipped in one length when possible. Maximum wire lengths available is 650ft, available upon request, please call for details.

2 Conductor Outdoor and Waterproof Wire - 18AWG

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