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Outdoor accent lighting using Ribbon Star Extreme 24V LED Strips

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Our amazing customers sent us some photos from the latest exterior lighting addition to Pirelli's P Zero World using our 24VDC Ribbon Star Extreme White Outdoor LED Strip Lights. Using roughly 230ft of our extreme white strips and multiple 240 watt 24VDC waterproof power converters they added linear lighting to the exterior cornice of the building perimeter. The strip lighting is concealed by a yellow diffusing plastic to match the companies color profiles and bring unity with the pre existing channel letter lighting. With a longer max serial connection (100ft) than our other strip lights, the installation was quick and painless using our 2 conductor outdoor wire to create connections back to the 24VDC power source. Here is what the installer had to say about the finished project, "Thanks for all your help. The lights worked perfectly for the light strip at the top of our client's building. The photos don't do it justice, actually."


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Bird Cage Pool Enclosure Lighting using Extreme RGB Strip Light

Using our Ribbon Star Extreme 24VDC RGB LED Strip Lights under the support beams of this bird cage pool enclosure our customer was able to bring custom color changing accent lighting to their personal swimming hole. During the day this is just like any other bird cage enclosure but once the sun goes down this space comes to life with control from our 3 in 1 WiFi LED Network Controller, capable of over 16 million color choices and custom color changing scenes directly from a smart phone or tablet. The 24V Extreme RGB Strip Lights can be connected in series up to 100ft at a mere 1.7W per foot. The custom lengths were cut, connected, and tested by our Ecolocity staff prior to shipping for an additional charge, making the 100ft serial connection less time consuming and ensuring the product works properly the first time around. The owners of the home are ecstatic about their new lighting and can't wait to show them off to friends and neighbors.

Deck LED Strip Lights with Long Continous Connections

Our customer used over 900ft of our 3000K Long Run 60LED/m Outdoor Strip Lights to accent the deck and patio of their spectacular backyard with a warm white glow. These special strips for outdoor use are designed to be powered from one end with serial connection up to 130ft. This makes the installation easier with less wiring and splicing and waterproofing of outdoor strips. The strip lights run off 24VDC power, which is being driven by multiple 240W Power Supplies. They wanted to be able to dim the different areas of lighting so we decided on using our 8 Zone Dimmer with wireless receivers to power and dim the different zones of lighting independent form one another. The end results are breathe taking and wonderfully enhance a beautiful outdoor gathering space for night time enjoyment.

Ribbon Star Extreme Amber Lights up the Olive Tree

For this project our customer used over 500 linear ft of our Ribbon Star Extreme Amber 24VDC Outdoor LED Strip Light to light and accent the outside of the Olive Tree Restaurant. What's great about this strip light is that you can connect long serial connections up to 100ft, which significantly cuts back on the amount of labor and goods that would have been used with our traditional 12VDC strip lights. Multiple 24VDC Waterproof Power Supplies and outdoor 2 conductor wire were used to provide power for the lighting. At a small 0.96 watts per foot this entire lighting system consumes less than 550 watts of power. The results are eye catching while not being over-bearing and the owner's of The Olive Tree liked the amber strip lighting so much they have decided to renovate more locations. We don't blame them it really looks amazing.

Outdoor Business Lighting using LED Strip Lights

For this outdoor lighting project our customer used Ribbon Star Max Waterproof Warm White 12VDC LED Strip Lights and 60W Waterproof Power Supplies to bring bright, low energy, and long lasting illumination to the exterior of this business complex. The waterproof LED strips were installed behind the extruded eaves of the building and you can see that the illumination is substantial and more than enough to not only get the business notices but also for security purposes. The customer was more than happy with the project and is glad to know that the exterior lighting will last a lifetime.