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Hotel Sign LED Lighting at the Viking Inn using BS3 Modules

Viking Arms Viking Arms
Viking Arms Viking Arms


The Viking Inn used our BS3 White LED Modules to create a bright back light effect on their outdoor sign. The LED Hotel Sign Light is so bright that it can be seen both day and night. These modules are easy to install, ultra bright and dependable. Lead wires in between each module make it easy to conform to the curves of the lettering. If you are interested in using our LED modules for any hotel sign please give us a call and we would be happy to help you.


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This is an amazing project done by a customer of ours who installed LED Strip Lights in the channel letters of his orthodontics office. In his own words, "The project was lots of fun to create and the LEDs look amazing at night." The Ribbon Star Ultra, Waterproof White - 12VDC LED Strip Light was simply wrapped around the edges of each letter. Power was being supplied by our 12VDC 60W LinkCom Power Supply. You can tell by the pictures how great the LED lights make the channel letters look at night and the installation can easily be done by any do-it-your-selfer. Our customer did a great job on this project and we are both very happy with the results.

Restaurant Sign Using Green LED Modules for Halo effect

Our customer John created this very unique sign for the Daily Juice Cafe by cutting it out of steel sheets. He then used a combination of our Super Nova 4 Green LED Modules and Super Nova 2 Green LED Modules, and he powered the sign with Mean Well 12VDC - 60W power supplies. What an amazing and eye catching effect this sign has.

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Sawadee Thai Restaurant in Salt Lake City Utah used our Super Nova 4 Warm White LED Modules to bring life and upscale ambiance to there outdoor signage and patio area. The sign lighting is composed of approximately 150 Super Nova 4 LED Modules which consumes less than 200W of power. The modules are being mounted to the back of the stainless steel channel letters and shining at the wall for what is called a reverse halo effect. 12VDC Power is being supplied through a high quality Mean Well Transformer that will be sure to last many years with no costly repairs. If you are curious about replacing the lighting of your current sign or have any question on achieving similar lighting effects, give us a call and we would be happy to help you with your project.

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This outdoor signage project at The Living Church in Mansfield, TX was a fairly straight forward project with stunning results. Using 100 Warm White, Super Nova 2 LED Modules, and a 100W 12VDC Transformer our customer created a reverse halo type lighting effect to bring low power, eco friendly, and long lasting lighting appeal to the outdoor signage of the building. Our sales team was able to guide them through the setup and installation making it a very easy process for them. In the words of the customer, " It looks awesome! Thanks for your help. Thanks for all your help educating me!" Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or are planning a similar lighting project for your business.