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Low Density 12V RGB Strip Lights for Above Cabinet Accent Lighting

Cyan RGB Blue RGB Red RGB White Green Dim White RGB Strip
Cyan RGB Blue RGB Red RGB White Green Dim White RGB Strip


Our RGB 90 LED Strip Lights were used to illuminate the above cabinet area of a kitchen with bright, vivid and low power color changing lighting. The low density RGB strip was the perfect brightness for the lighting space with reflection off the white ceiling to add a nice color accent without being overbearing. The color changing functions are controlled using an RGB Color Controller with RF Remote, and power is being driven using a 12VDC LED Power Supply. The project turned out great and was fairly simple to achieve. The only thing that was needed was an AC power plug for the plugin 12VDC Power Adapter, which powers the controller as well as the lights. If you are interested in doing a kitchen cabinet RGB strip light project of your own give us a call today and we would be happy to help you.


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This customer did an amazing job using our 12VDC Ribbon Star 50/50, RGB + Warm White 4 color LED Strip Lights to illuminate under and over his kitchen cabinets. Using control from our 4 in 1 Wifi Network Zone Controller the lights are controlled via smart phone or tablet. He then added 3 Wireless Zone Receivers to control the 4 zones as a group or independently. With the zone feature the lights can be set to over 16 million different color hues or controlled as a single group in unison. Power is being driven by a 192W Waterproof Mean Well 12VDC Power Supply. It didn't take our customer more than a day to install the lights after they were received and the outcome couldn't be prettier to look at. Give us a call if you are interested in completing a similar project for your home or business.

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This project was done by a customer of ours who wanted to add some colorful accent lighting above and under his kitchen cabinets as well as underneath his kitchen countertops. He achieved excellent results simply by using our RGB 90 LED Strip Lights, which are perfect for accent lighting such as this, and controlled the color changing effects with our Mini Pro RGB LED Controller enabling him to achieve over 16 million static colors to suite whatever mood he may be in. Power is being driven through a 12VDC 200W Power Supply. As you can see the results turned out pretty cool and can be done by anyone with a plan and a little effort.

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This great under and interior cabinet lighting project was done by a customer of ours using Ribbon Star Max Warm White LED Strip Light. He hard wired various LinkCom Power Supplies for his different lighting locations. This was his first experience using LED Strip Lights in his kitchen so we recommended the proper supplies for his project. This is what he had to say about our products and customer service, "I ordered product on the 7th and it was delivered quickly this morning (11th). Couldn't wait to get started. These lights really are great and the wattage is just right for under cabinets! The pictures show different combinations of light in the kitchen. We are really pleased with the way this turned out and plan to use tape lighting for future projects. Thanks again." As you can see the project turned out great and shows that you do not need the brightest strip light available to have great kitchen cabinet lighting. Give us a call at 775-636-6060 to learn how you can achieve these same lighting effects in your home or kitchen.