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Freestanding Wooden Lamps are lit using Thin LED Strip Lights

Wood Lamp Wood Lamps
Wood Lamp Wood Lamps


Our customers at Compulsive Woodworking in Hailey, Idaho used our ThinLux Warm White LED Strips to create these exclusive freestanding wooden lamps. Individual lamp dimming is achieved through our Pro Dim 5 LED Dimmer remote and 3 separate receivers. Line voltage is being converted to 24VDC using our 240W Waterproof 24V Transformer. The design of the lamp and the exotic wood finish is unique in itself, add low power, eco friendly, long lasting and dimmable LED lighting and you have a one of a kind fixture that will last a lifetime.


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LED Dimmer with IR Sensor, 12-36VDC 8A
SKU: LC-OL-11DIM $34.99

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Sandblasted LED Chandelier using G4 LED Barrels and Wine Bottles

This is another great project made by one of our fine customers that specialize in sand blasted glass work. They took 9 old wine bottles and sand blasted them to look as you see them now. They then lit the bottles using our White G4 LED Barrels and powered using one of our 12VDC LED Power Supplies. For such a basic concept this customer project really is exquisite and one of a kind. Also, the 9 G4 Barrel LED bulbs only consume a total of 14.4 watts and have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. So not only does this lamp look great, but also is energy saving, eco-friendly, and will provide a lifetime of unique and eye catching lighting.

RGB Strips and Extra Frosted Covers create a Line of Light Effect

Our 24VDC RGB Lux Strip is installed with PDS4 Channels and Extra Frosted cover to create amazing color effects with no visible dots or hot spots for Absolut Vodka Display. Color is being controlled by our 3 Knob RGB Controller allowing them to choose over 16 million color choices. Power is being driven by our 75W, 24VDC Mean Well Power Supply. In the exact words of our customer, "The client absolutely loved the trees. The 24v LEDs and diffuser looked and worked great. It looks better than neon. Thanks for your help on that. They want two extra pieces as spares they love it so much!" Another job well done, let us know if you have a project that requires full diffusion of your LED strip lights, we have dozens of choices for any lighting application.

A Bottle Tree Comes to Life using LED Strip Lights

For this project our customer used recycled materials to create a one of a kind bottle tree that comes to life at night using our Ribbon Star Waterproof Warm White LED Strip Light. To complete the project he used 56 bottles, 236 LEDs and over 900ft of connection wire. The Ribbon Star Strip Lights are our dimmest type of strip lights but were still so bright that he later installed a PWM Dimmer to make the lighting effect more subtle. With all the materials being used it is hard to believe that all of this Lightning consumes less than 30 watts of power and will last a lifetime.

Digital Strip Light and Pixel Control for Groovy Living Room Lighting

Using our 12V Digital LED Strip Lights with 1803 type IC Pixel control, this customer created a magnificently retro living room space with a modern feel. Power is being driven by a Mean Well 200W 12VDC power supply, with roughly 100W of power load from the 50ft of lighting used, there is plenty of output amperage left to add more lighting in the future.