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Freestanding Wooden Lamps are lit using Thin LED Strip Lights

Product Description

Our customers at Compulsive Woodworking in Hailey, Idaho used our ThinLux Warm White LED Strips to create these exclusive freestanding wooden lamps. Individual lamp dimming is achieved through our Pro Dim 5 LED Dimmer remote and 3 separate receivers. Line voltage is being converted to 24VDC using our 240W Waterproof 24V Transformer. The design of the lamp and the exotic wood finish is unique in itself, add low power, eco friendly, long lasting and dimmable LED lighting and you have a one of a kind fixture that will last a lifetime.

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Ribbon Star ThinLux Warm White LED Strip Light, 2700-3000K, ETL 24VDC - IP20

SKU: RL-DX-TL-WW-3M     View Product Page
Our 24VDC Ribbon Star ThinLux Warm White LED Strip Light measures only 3.5mm wide (0.14") and outputs an impressive 366 lumens per foot. The thin and low profile makes this strip light easy to hide for projects with limited mounting space, ideal for for furniture designers, cabinet makers, costume designers, stage designers, sculptors and architectural designers. The ThinLux LED Strip requires 24VDC constant voltage power and consumes 4.4W of power per foot to operate. All of our Ribbon Star strips can be dimmed by a compatible low voltage DC PWM type dimmer or by a LVM dimmable power supply. With cut lines every 1.97" you can easily cut and reconnect custom lighting lengths by soldering wires to the copper pads between the cut marks. 3M double sided adhesive on the back of the strip light provides a permanent mounting solution to any clean, dry surface. Please note this strip light does not have any quick connectors available and must be soldered to cut and connect. Visit our soldering tutorial if you need some pointers on the best strip light soldering techniques. This LED strip light is ETL listed, RoHS and CE approved.

Ribbon Star ThinLux Warm White LED Strip Light, 2700-3000K, ETL 24VDC - IP20

Mean Well Waterproof LED Power Supply 240W - 24VDC

SKU: PS-MW-240-W-24     View Product Page
This product is a Mean Well brand waterproof LED power converter with a 100-240VAC, or 277VAC (North America Only) input and a 24VDC 10 amp output of 240W. IP67 rated for wet or damp locations. This LED power supply can be used to power 24VDC Constant Voltage LED Wall Washers, LED Lights, LED Light Ribbons, RGB LED lighting and other 24VDC LED Lighting products. Comes with built in PFC (Power Factor Correction) as well as short circuit protection. AC input wire colors are as follow: Brown - Load, Blue - Neutral, Green - Ground. The manufacturer recommends a 92.5% max load of 222 watts. Non-submersible, non uv-proof, UL recognized, RoHS, and CE approved.

Mean Well Waterproof LED Power Supply  240W - 24VDC

LED Pro Dim 5 Zone LED and Incandescent Dimmer System, 12-32VDC

SKU: LC-KT-DIM5-KIT     View Product Page
This unique professional quality wireless dimming system can dim LED lighting systems in 5 zones or areas. The RF remote control has 5 selectable channels, each channel can be connected to an unlimited number of Receivers. Each low voltage LED Receiver can connect 10A of 12 - 32VDC LED lighting product. 32 dimming levels from 5-100% brightness gives the user plenty of dimming choices. Each high voltage Triac Receiver can dim your incandescent or high voltage lighting up to 250W at 110VAC or 500W at 220VAC. This allows you to turn off or dim 5 areas or zones of LED and incandescent lights mixed or in different zones. 12VDC - 120W; 24VDC - 240W; 32VDC - 320W Max LED lighting connection to each receiver. Each item is sold separately. You can buy additional receivers as needed for your system. Remote requires on CR2032 Battery, one included.

LED Pro Dim 5 Zone LED and Incandescent Dimmer System, 12-32VDC
5 Zone RF Remote
Low Voltage LED Receiver
High Voltage Triac Receiver
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