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Immaculate LED Landscape Strip Lighting Emborders a Driveway

Outdoor Strip Light Outdoor Strip
Outdoor Strip Light Outdoor Strip


Driveway lighting is done using our Outdoor LED Strip Lights and KLUS Aluminum Extrusions with outdoor rated frosted covers. The longer lighting runs in the landscape area are lit using our 24VDC Ribbon Star Exteme Strip Lights. With these strips you can make longer runs up to 100ft with power from one end. They are enclosed inside of our LIPOD channels with outdoor rated frosted diffusers. The lighting around embedded into the driveway is done using our in ground HR-LINE extrusion and 12VDC Ribbon Star Max PU coated strip lights. The end result is clean, modern, and one of a kind. Something far from the ordinary and beyond expectations. If you are interested in doing a similar product, give us a call and we would be happy to point you in the right direction.


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Similar Customer Projects

Outdoor Patio Lighting using Max Waterproof LED Strip Lights

This customer used our 12VDC Ribbon Star Max White Waterproof Strip Lights to redo existing color changing RBG strips that were previously installed on the lip of his outdoor patio counter top. We received a phone call inquiring about replacing the existing 4 wire RGB color changing strip lights because LED sections keep going out. Rather than simply shipping him new strip lights we researched the problem and discovered that his 12V source was actually 12VAC (typical for landscape lighting transformers) which was causing the failures in the 12VDC strip lights. We recommended that he purchase a compatible 12VDC, 60W Waterproof Power Supply for his new new strip lights and even cut and soldered the custom lengths so he could easily install his new lighting with the existing wiring in place. Once he received the order it didn't take him long to install the new white strips light that will be sure to last much longer than the old strip lights. In his own word he said, "I wanted to thank you for the fantastic service you provided. The LED lights are awesome!!!"

Deck and Concrete Step Lighting using LED Strips and Pathway Fixtures

Warm White Strip Lights and Pathway Fixtures are used on the underside of a deck, steps and pathway to illuminate a wonderful outdoor space. The waterproof strip lights are installed into an aluminum Extrusion with cover to keep a clean and finished look to the lighting project. The lighting is pretty bright so a PWM Dimmer can be used to dim it down at night. Overall this is a neat outdoor lighting idea that came together really well. If you are looking to add any deck, path or outdoor lighting give us a call and we would be happy to help you with your project.

Embedded LED Lighting in Concrete Driveway using Strip Lights and Channels

The HR-LINE Extrusion and frosted cover is designed to be set into driveways, walkways and patios. In this project it was used with our Waterproof Ultra White 24V Strip Lights to create stunning driveway fixtures embedded directly into the concrete. The wiring is run through conduit under the concrete and the 24V Power Supply and PWM Dimmer is installed in a wall mounted junction box. The high density of this LED strip makes a smooth and even light output on the frosted cover, a perfect match of strip light and channel set to perfection inside of a concrete driveway.

HR Line Channel and Warm White Strip Lights set into Concrete Entryway

HR Line Extrusions and Warm White Strip Lights are used to create unique after hour curb appeal to the entryway of this home. The HR Line channel is designed to be permanently set into concrete, asphalt, pavers, bricks and stone. The warm white strip light is then set in the profile and the cover is sealed on the channel using an outdoor rated silicone. The Ribbon Star Max Warm White Strip requires 12VDC Power and only consumes a mere 2.92W per linear foot of lighting. The density of the LED chips diffuse the light seamlessly once it hits the frosted cover, making the light output a continuous line of light with no dots or hot spots.