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Warm White Strip Lighting in Taxidermy Coffee Table

Warm White Table Coffee Table Light Internal View Top View
Warm White Table Coffee Table Light Internal View Top View


This unique taxidermy display was set inside of a glass plated coffee table and lit using our 12VDC Ribbon Star Warm White LED Strip Lights. The warm color temperature of the low voltage LED lighting provides an inviting tone to the taxidermy piece and requires very little power to operate. The strip light is mounted inside of a 45 degree black anodized aluminum channel, projecting the light at a perfect angle toward the center of the staged setting. Power is being converted and driven by a 12VDC Power Supply. If you have questions about this project or a similar project you would like to complete, give us a call we would be happy to assist you.


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Our two piece Pula Extrusion is designed to create glass and acrylic shelving with illumination through the substrate. For this project the customer used RGB Strip Lights behind glass pieces to create color changing bar shelves that complete a beautiful bar area. An RGB Controller allows anyone to choose from hundreds of color selections with brightness and power options. If you are wanting to create illuminated shelving with either color changing or single color lighting, give us a call and one of our sales associates would be glad to assist you.

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