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Customer LED Projects

Here you can see all of our customer's amazing LED lighting projects that were created using Ecolocity LED products and LED Lighting accessories. From LED Strip Light Projects to LED Wall Washer projects, our customer's have done it all. Browse these great finished projects to get some ideas for your next LED Lighting design.

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Lounge LED display Lounge Lighting using RGB LED Strip Lights

A brilliant display of RGB LED light product being used in a restaurant and lounge.

Under Cabinet Lighting using LED Strip Lights

This is a custom geological cabinet display using 12 volt Warm White LED Strip lights.

LED Lighting  Florida Room LED Lighting using a DMX Control System

LED Lighting using DMX Control and RGB 90 LED Strip Lights in Miami Beach, FL.

LED Shower Lighting LED Bathroom Lighting using LED Modules

A retrofitted bathroom project using RGB LED Lights and Daylight White LED Modules.

RGB LED Kitchen Blue RGB LED Kitchen Accent Lighting

RGB LED Kitchen Accent Lighting using Ribbon Star RGB 90 LED Strip Lights.

LED Dog Truck Back Lit LED Dog Truck Display using RGB Modules

An LED back lit dog truck display using RGB LED Modules and our 8 Button RGB Controller.

Transportable Shipping Crate LED Display

This crate was transformed into an interactive display using LED Modules and accessories.

Jewelry Case LED display LED Jewelry Case Lighting Project

Jewelry Case display lighting using Ribbon Star Ultra LED and RGB 180 LED Strip Lights.

Illume Sign Ultra White LED Warm White Indoor LED Sign Lighting

Indoor back lighting using Warm White LED Modules and single channel remote dimmer.

Penthouse Lighting RGB LED Outdoor Penthouse Lighting

A stunning display of LED lighting effects using our RGB Strip Lights and RGB Light Bars.

Mynt Lounge Red LED trays Night Club Lighting using Color Star Modules

This unique lighting effect was achieved using our Colorstar RGB Modules.

RGB LED lighting for Catering Event RGB LED Lighting for Catering Event

A Colorful Catering Event using RGB LED Strips inside table tops made from white acrylic

LED Strip Light Stained glass Stained Glass backlit with LED Strip Lights

LED Stained Glass project using Warm White LED Strip Lights and 12VDC Power Supply.

LED Cabinet lighting Custom Cabinet LED Lighting

Custom cabinet lighting using Warm White LED Strip Lights with a 12VDC Power Supply.

LED Backlight LED Backdrop Lighting using LED Modules

LED theater back lighting project using 12VDC Super Nova 4 LED Modules in warm white.

Gazebo LED light project ribbon strips Gazebo Lighting Project Using LED Ribbon Lights

Gazebo Lighting Project using 12 Volt DC Warm White LED Waterproof Strip Lights

Green Halo sign with LED Backlight modules Restaurant Sign Using Green LED Modules for Halo effect

Green Halo sign effect using 12VDC Super Nova LED Back light Modules with Samsung LEDs.

RGB 180 LED Light Strip Under Bar Counter RGB LED Strip Lighting for Restaurant Accent Lighting

RGB 180 LED Waterproof Ribbon was used to provide accent light in this chic dining spot.

Jellyfish Aquarium Project using Super Nova 4 LED modules Freshwater Aquarium LED Module Project

This Fresh Water Aquarium Project uses Super Nova 4 Modules for down lighting.

White LED Modules used in Children's Museum Display Children's Museum Display using LED Modules

This particular Display used Super Nova 4 LED Modules to light up each picture.

LED Channel letters LED Backlit Channel Letters using LED Modules

A perfectly executed backlit sign using Super Nova 4 White 12VDC UL LED Modules.