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LED Lighting using a DMX Control System

LED Lighting  Florida Room LED Lighting  Florida Room LED Lighting  Florida Room LED Lighting  Florida Room
LED Lighting  Florida Room LED Lighting  Florida Room LED Lighting  Florida Room LED Lighting  Florida Room


This top notch project located at the Delano Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida was completed by our customers at, view their website to see all of there great work with LED Lighting. By using DMX PX24500 Drivers in each ceiling recession they were able to individually address each section and control the color changing effects of the 80 feet of RGB 90 LED Strip Lights they used in each section through a DMX Controller. As you can see by looking at the various pictures the control and color changing possibilities are endless and all controlled and determined by the user through computer software. This is one of the more advanced projects on our customer projects page but don't let that discourage you to learn more about DMX Control as it is by far the best way to control your LED Lights specifically to your needs.


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Amusement Park Lighting using LED Modules

This customer project using RGB color changing modules was done for an Amusement Park in Blowing Rock, NC. They used 100 Super Nova 4 RGB LED Modules to light up there free fall amusement park attraction. The RGB Controller with Remote that they used gives them the ability to choose from 31 vibrant static and color changing modes. A 200W Mean Well LED Power Supply was used to power the controller and the modules. As you can see the end result is bright, vivid and vibrant and the customer couldn't be happier with the final result.

Ribbon Star Extreme Amber Lights up the Olive Tree

For this project our customer used over 500 linear ft of our Ribbon Star Extreme Amber 24VDC Outdoor LED Strip Light to light and accent the outside of the Olive Tree Restaurant. What's great about this strip light is that you can connect long serial connections up to 100ft, which significantly cuts back on the amount of labor and goods that would have been used with our traditional 12VDC strip lights. Multiple 24VDC Waterproof Power Supplies and outdoor 2 conductor wire were used to provide power for the lighting. At a small 0.96 watts per foot this entire lighting system consumes less than 550 watts of power. The results are eye catching while not being over-bearing and the owner's of The Olive Tree liked the amber strip lighting so much they have decided to renovate more locations. We don't blame them it really looks amazing.

Outdoor accent lighting using Ribbon Star Extreme 24V LED Strips

Our amazing customers sent us some photos from the latest exterior lighting addition to Pirelli's P Zero World using our 24VDC Ribbon Star Extreme White Outdoor LED Strip Lights. Using roughly 230ft of our extreme white strips and multiple 240 watt 24VDC waterproof power converters they added linear lighting to the exterior cornice of the building perimeter. The strip lighting is concealed by a yellow diffusing plastic to match the companies color profiles and bring unity with the pre existing channel letter lighting. With a longer max serial connection (100ft) than our other strip lights, the installation was quick and painless using our 2 conductor outdoor wire to create connections back to the 24VDC power source. Here is what the installer had to say about the finished project, "Thanks for all your help. The lights worked perfectly for the light strip at the top of our client's building. The photos don't do it justice, actually."

RGB 90 Color Changing Strip Lights for Architectural Accent Lighting

This custom Penthouse located in South Beach Miami, Florida used our UL listed 12VDC RGB 90 Waterproof LED Strip Lights to bring astonishing architectural lighting and accents to this outdoor patio area. The low power consumption and ability to run longer serial connections than our higher density RGB Strips made the RGB 90 a perfect choice for the customers lighting needs by using less transformers and lighting controls with just the right amount of light output. Using our 10 Zone RGB Color Wheel Controller and numerous wireless receivers different sections of lighting can produce millions of colors and color changing effects both independently and simultaneously directly from the RF remote control. Multiple Waterproof 12VDC Power Converters are being used to drive power to the various lighting zones and our Outdoor RGB wire is used to connect the lights to the wireless receivers. The penthouse patio was already an amazing space before the lighting install but the addition of the LED strip lights make it even more incredible.