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Glare Free MICRO Channel is used to Create Sleek Hanging LED Pool Table Fixture

Pool Table Light Micro Pool Table Pool Table Fixture
Pool Table Light Micro Pool Table Pool Table Fixture


A 2 Meter length of MICRO Glare Free black extrusion is used to create a sleek and modern light fixture above a pool table. Supreme Daylight White 24V Strip light is taped inside of the extrusion. The strip is wired to a 60W 24VDC Power Supply which is hid in the ceiling above. We custom soldered the strip light with the wires coming out the backside. A small hole was then drilled in the back of the channel to allow the wire to come through seamlessly. If you are wanting to create a custom hanging pool table light fixture for your game area or man cave, give us a call we would be glad to help you get all the right pieces to complete the project.


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