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LED Strip Lights for Room Accent Lighting

strip accent wall Strip Light Accent
strip accent wall Strip Light Accent


LED strip lights are a perfect light source to accent rooms and architectural features. In this customer project LED Strip Lights and Aluminum channels are used to create lighting for a wall display and behind a TV and fireplace feature. The skateboard wall has strip lights embedded directly into a ceiling mount channel with frosted cover. The cover of the channel diffuses the strip lights so you don't see any of the diodes, we call this effect line of light, it provides a much more pleasing effect than seeing the dots of the LED strip.


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Man Cave Room Lighting with RGB Strip Lights

Color changing RGB LED Strip Lighting is used for man cave accent lighting. A zone controller is being used to control two different sections of the lighting. The different zones gives the user the ability to change two areas of the lighting separately as well as control them at the same time. Power is being driven by a 12VDC Mean Well Power Supply. We prepared a basic wiring diagram for the customer to make the install simple and care free. He was ecstatic to see the new vibe of his man cave lighting and is ready to spend more time there. If you have a similar project feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to assist you.

Vaulted Ceiling Lighting using Ultra Warm White Strip Light

For this customer project Ribbon Star Ultra Warm White - 12VDC LED Strip Light was used on the cross beams of this vaulted ceiling to give a smooth, modern and clean lighting source to the open space. A 12VDC Constant Voltage Power Supply is used to transform the 120VAC line voltage into a 12VDC output. On the 12 volt side a PWM LED Dimmer is used to dim and brighten the strip lights to the customers liking. The job turned out amazing, looks seamless, and the customer could not be more please with the results. Give us a call at 775-636-6060 if you are interested in completing a similar project for your home or business.

Crown Molding LED Lighting using Warm White Strip Lights

Warm white crown molding accent lighting is achieved using our Ribbon Star Max LED Strip Lights. The strip lights were soldered into a long roll with power leads every 30ft. The required 12 volt power is being driven through 200W 12VDC Power Supplies. The power supplies are connected to multiple wireless control receivers that pair to the dimming remote of our Pro Dim 5 Kit. The high density of the strip light creates a smooth and even glow of accent lighting around the entire portion of crown molding, there are no visible dots or hot spots. The customer is extremely happy with the result and the warm white is a perfect color temp to create an inviting and relaxing living room atmosphere. If you have a similar project lighting crown molding give us a call and we would be happy to help you with your project.

Drywall Channels and White Strip Lights Embedded in Wall Lighting

Modern embedded in wall lighting created using our High Density LED Strip Lights inside of our Low Profile Drywall Extrusion. The Kozma extrusions are spackled into the drywall for a seamless lighting effect, while the high density strip light provides even lighting with no dots or hot spots. Low profile Micro Channels and Mounting Clips are used in the liquor bar display with the same CRI 90+ 24VDC White Strip Lighting. The 24VDC low voltage lighting system is being powered by our 300W Magnitude Dimmable Power Supply. If you are interested in doing any in wall LED strip lighting or surface mount LED strip lighting projects, give us a call and we would be glad to set up a lighting system tailored for your project.