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Dim to Warm Under Cabinet Lighting using LED Strip Lights

Product Description

Using our Dim to Warm Strip Lights this customer is able to transform the mood and setting of their under cabinet kitchen lights simply by dimming the LED strip. The dim to warm strip is intended to mimic natural lighting. Sunlight during the day, or full brightness, and candlelight at night, lowest brightness. The strip not only dims but becomes a warmer color temperature as it dims. This sets the mood for a relaxing environment. Whether you want to wind down after a long day, or have a romantic meal, dim the LEDs and the temperature of the lights adjusts and dims according to natural lighting. Full brightness creates more of a bright daylight white for tasks such as cooking, cutting and cleaning. The strip was placed inside the MICRO channel with frosted cover, it requires a 24VDC Power Supply to operate and a PWM Dimmer or Dimmable Power Supply with compatible wall switch for dim to warm effect.

Ribbon Star Dim to Warm LED Strip Light - ETL 24VDC - IP20 & IP67

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As human beings we are inherently adapted to the changing timeline of light throughout the day. From natural sun light mid-day, to the soothing glow of a sunset, and the warm calming tone of candlelight at night; our bodies react differently to each. Dim to warm LED strip light technology was produced to mimic that, what we have been scientifically conditioned to since the beginning of time. At full brightness the strip is bright and higher kelvin temperature, similar to sunlight, great for task lighting and active environments. As you dim the light with any PWM dimmer or dimmable power supply, the light starts to dim but the color temperature also lowers and becomes warmer, perfect for relaxing and entertaining. At the lowest level a super warm glow resembles the light output of a candlelight, ideal for winding down preparing the body for rest. This strip light is ideal for bedrooms, hotels, bars, and lounges. Each roll is 16.4ft (5m) in length and can be cut and re-connected every 3.94" (10cm). 24VDC power and 5.85 watts per foot of strip is required for powering, dimming can be achieved using any PWM dimmer or dimmable power supply.

Ribbon Star Dim to Warm LED Strip Light - ETL 24VDC - IP20 & IP67

Ribbon Star Dim to Warm Waterproof LED Strip Light - ETL 24VDC IP67

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IP67 Waterproof Dim to Warm LED Light Strip. This silicone coated strip has a special ability that dims the lights while making the color temperature warmer. It is designed to be like natural lighting, a daylight temperature at full brightness, sunset temperature around 50% and then candlelight temperature at full dim. It can be used in a variety of places but is best suited for bedrooms, lounges, backyard chill spots, wine rooms, bar areas or any space that is used for both active and relaxing purposes. Each roll is 16.4ft (5m) long and can be cut and re-connected every 3.94" (10cm). Waterproofing is required after cut to maintain IP67 rating. A 24VDC power supply is required and the strip can be dimmed by low voltage dimmer or dimmable power supply with compatible wall switch.

Ribbon Star Dim to Warm Waterproof LED Strip Light - ETL 24VDC IP67
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