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Modern LED Shower Lighting using Waterproof Strips and Extrusions

Shower LED Light Shower Niche
Shower LED Light Shower Niche


This custom modern shower lighting was created using Daylight White LED Strip Lights with Aluminum Channels and covers. The waterproof strip lights are placed inside of the aluminum extrusion and then the frosted cover is siliconed into place. Using this technique you can create custom linear lighting to fit shower ceilings, niches, wall and even floors. The possibilities are truly endless. If you have shower or bathroom lighting that you are looking to upgrade, give us a call and we would be happy to help you.


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Similar Customer Projects

Modern Shower Lighting using Dim to Warm Strips and Aluminum Track

Our customer created a modern shower lighting fixture using strip lights and flush mount aluminum mounting track. The elegance of the Waterproof Dim to Warm Strip was a perfect combination with the white tile of the shower. The strip light gets warmer in color temperature as it dims so it can be set for different task and mood lighting. With the lights full bright you get a brighter 3000K light, ideal for your morning shower. Dim the lights and they not only dim but also reach a warmer 1800K color temperature, ideal for a relaxing steam shower or night time wind down. Dimming and on/off functionality is being controlled by our wall mounted Touch Panel Dimmer. The 24VDC strip light is being powered by our 24V 100W Power Supply. If you want to light your shower using LED strip lights give us a call and we would be happy to help you find the best products for the job.

Bathroom Shower Niche Lighting using Waterproof LED Strip Lights

This gorgeous bathroom shower niche lighting and overhead shower ceiling strip light was achieved using our Warm White Waterproof Ribbon Star Max Tape Light inside of our Siler Extrusion with Frosted Cover. The strip light provides stylish and modern illumination in the tiled shower niche as well as in the linear lighting of the tiled ceiling. Power is being driven by a triac dimmable 12VDC Power Supply. If you have a shower niche or shower lighting project using LEDs feel free to contact us for a free quote.

Flush Mounted Waterproof LED Strip Lights for Showers

Waterproof strip lights for showers are a popular and innovative lighting solution that adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal to bathroom spaces. These lights, often referred to as waterproof or water-resistant LED strip lights, are designed to be installed in or around shower enclosures to provide adequate illumination while also creating a relaxing and visually pleasing ambiance. We suggest that our customers place the LED tape into our aluminum channels with plastic covers and then flush mount into tiling, grout and wall surfaces. This gives a hidden look while accenting tile designs, stones, recesses and other decorative and functional features. If you have a project where you want to incorporate LED lighting in to your shower give us a call and we would be happy to get you all the products that you will need.

Custom LED Bathroom using LED Strip Lights

This custom bathroom project used our Ribbon Star Max Waterproof Warm White LED Strip Lights for custom lighting that brings life to an ultra modern design. The warm white LED Strip Lights were powered using a 12VDC Transformer that was hard wired to a 120VAC power switch. The lights were concealed to avoid seeing hot spots and to evenly illuminate the glossy tiling. The use of the glossy tiling and the placement of the LED Strip Lights made for an even more impressive lighting effect. This customer project should serve as an example of how to properly incorporate LED Strip light into a modern design.