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Ltech UX8 Wall Panel Controls a Room of RGB LED Strip Lights

UX8 Controller Blue Accent Strip Light Blue Wall Accent Light Gym Strip LIghts Workout Strip LIghts
UX8 Controller Blue Accent Strip Light Blue Wall Accent Light Gym Strip LIghts Workout Strip LIghts


Our customer reached out to us looking for a solution to control the RGB Strip Lights that accent the walls of a large gym and workout area. They wanted to control different areas separately but use the same controller. The Ltech UX8 Controller was a perfect option. With 4 zone control and the ability to pair wireless receivers to each zone it made the installation simple and easy to use. The color of the lighting is easy to change with the color wheel touch option and favorite colors and brightness settings can be saved for quick access. The UX8 was a perfect option for this gym space and made it a great option for quick color selection on the accent wall lighting.


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