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Thin Profile Strip Lights Line Custom Glass Cabinets

Product Description

What better way to make these custom glass paneled hardwood cabinets even more extravagant than by adding soft white LED strip lighting on the interior as well as underneath the cabinetry. Our ThinLux LED Strip Lights were an ideal choice for this project given their ultra thin design with high brightness output. The strip lights require a 24 volt DC input and the customer wanted them to be dimmable from a wall switch, so they decided to use our 24VDC Dimmable Power Supply. The soft glow of the warm whtie strip lights adds an element of style and sophistication to an already stunning kitchen design. If you are working on a kitchen remodeling or new construction project and want to up the ante with our LED Strip Lights, give us a call and we would be happy to help.

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Ribbon Star ThinLux Warm White LED Strip Light, 2700-3000K, ETL 24VDC - IP20

SKU: RL-DX-TL-WW-3M     View Product Page
Our 24VDC Ribbon Star ThinLux Warm White LED Strip Light measures only 3.5mm wide (0.14") and outputs an impressive 366 lumens per foot. The thin and low profile makes this strip light easy to hide for projects with limited mounting space, ideal for for furniture designers, cabinet makers, costume designers, stage designers, sculptors and architectural designers. The ThinLux LED Strip requires 24VDC constant voltage power and consumes 4.4W of power per foot to operate. All of our Ribbon Star strips can be dimmed by a compatible low voltage DC PWM type dimmer or by a LVM dimmable power supply. With cut lines every 1.97" you can easily cut and reconnect custom lighting lengths by soldering wires to the copper pads between the cut marks. 3M double sided adhesive on the back of the strip light provides a permanent mounting solution to any clean, dry surface. Please note this strip light does not have any quick connectors available and must be soldered to cut and connect. Visit our soldering tutorial if you need some pointers on the best strip light soldering techniques. This LED strip light is ETL listed, RoHS and CE approved.

Ribbon Star ThinLux Warm White LED Strip Light, 2700-3000K, ETL 24VDC - IP20

Magnitude LED Power Supply TRIAC Dimmable UL Listed 24VDC - 96W

SKU: PS-MT-96A-24     View Product Page
Magnitude's new line of Class 2 TRIAC dimmable LED power converters use state of the art technology to provide smooth 1-100% dimming from a 120VAC source to your 24VDC LED Lights. Not only are these transformers slimmer and significantly lighter than other types of dimmable power supplies but they also use a much more common and economical TRIAC type wall mount dimmer. A slim aluminum housing with input and output wire knockouts give this Class 2 transformer a UL Listed rating that complies to UL 8750 standards. The dry and damp specifications allow this to be used indoors or in protected outdoor areas. Built in auto reset protection for short circuits, over-voltage and over-temperature give an added piece of protection for your transformer. This product is intended only for 120VAC input with a 24VDC 4A output of 96 watts. We recommend a load of 90% or less (86.4W) unless being used in a cold environment.

Magnitude LED Power Supply TRIAC Dimmable UL Listed 24VDC - 96W
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