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DIY Flourescent Tube Lamp Retrofit using LED T-10 Bulbs

Follow this DIY guide for reference on retrofitting your existing fluorescent T8, T10, and T12 bulbs for an eco-friendly, energy saving alternative to your existing fixtures. These bulbs come in both 2ft and 4ft lengths, plug directly to your 110-240VAC power source and contain no Mercury or other harmful gases or chemicals. Click Here for a Printable PDF Format 
  Products Used: T-10 LED Bulbs / Wire Connectors
  Completion Time: 30 minutes for average person
  Skill Level: Advanced (Hire a professional if you are not capable of this retrofit)
*To Avoid Electrical Shock Disable 110-277VAC Power Source*
1.) Remove Fixture and Prep
Once you have safely removed the existing Fluorescent tube lamp fixture you can begin your ballast bypass by cutting the load and neutral wires from the ballast leaving a sufficient amount of wire to connect back to the 110 VAC power source.
Tube Lamp Retro 1
2.) Cut Unneeded Wire
Cut back additional wiring on opposite side of ballast as the LED Tube lamp only requires power at one end. Remember to leave enough wire on one end in order to wire back to your original 110-277VAC Power Source.
Tube Lamp Retro 2
3.) Remove Ballast from Fixture
Remove the ballast from the tube lamp housing, and save the original wiring that connected to the 110VAC. If you are planning on disposing your ballast be sure to dispose of properly within compliance of state and federal law.
Tube Lamp Retro 3
4.) Strip the Power Input Wires
Strip the load and neutral wires from the first set of wires that were cut. Then group one load and one nuetral wire in order to provide power to each pin of your LED Tube Lamp.
Tube Retro 4
5.) Join Wires and Connect to 110-277VAC Source
Use push-in connectors or wire nuts to connect the grouped load and neutral wires from the previous step to the load and neutral wires leading to the 110-277VAC power source. In order to avoid electrical shock be certain that your 110-277VAC power is still disabled during this process.
Tube Lamp Retro 5
6.) Turn on Power and Test Connection
Connect the wires back to the 110-277VAC power source, turn power back on and enjoy your new eco friendly and energy efficient LED lights.
Tube Lamp Retro 6
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