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DIY LED Projects

A list of do it yourself LED Projects brought to you by Eco Light LED

Under Cabinet LED Lighting is quickly becoming the standard for under cabinet lighting mainly due to the fact that LED Lights will last longer, use less power, and are much easier to work with than any other type of under cabinet lighting available on the market. Take a look at this DIY project to see how easy it is to install LED Under Cabinet Lighting in your home or business.

LED Under Cabinet

Above Cabinet LED Lighting uses the same process as under cabinet LED lighting and will also last longer, use less power, is easy to use, and looks amazing when compared to other types of above cabinet lighting solutions. Check out the second half of this DIY project to see how great your home or business can look with both under and above cabinet LED Lighting.

Above Cabinet LED

Follow this DIY guide for reference on retrofitting your existing fluorescent T8, T10, and T12 bulbs for an eco-friendly, energy saving alternative to your existing fixtures. These bulbs come in both 2ft and 4ft lengths, plug directly to your 110-240VAC power source and contain no Mercury or other harmful gases or chemicals.

Single Color

Tired of replacing interior halogen bulbs in your vehicle or waking up to a dead battery when you forgot to turn off your dome lights? We have a perfect solution, follow this DIY project to replace your halogen bulbs with brighter, and more efficient 1W G4 LED Wafer Bulbs.

LED Car Lights

LED Strip Lights are such a versatile product because they use little energy to operate and have the capability to put out light that is brighter than many other types of bulbs. Follow this DIY LED Project to see how we took an ordinary interior lighting fixture and turned it into an ultra bright, low energy, eco friendly lighting fixture that will last over 50,000 hours with little to no maintenance.

LED Lamp