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Ribbon Star Extreme RGB Signal Amplifier, 24VDC 5A/CH

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The Ribbon Star Extreme RGB Signal Amplifier is made specifically for use with our Ribbon Star Extreme RGB Outdoor LED Strip Light. If you are installing large amounts of Extreme RGB Strip Light you can use the RGB Extreme Signal Amplifier to extend the RGB control signal once the maximum wattage has been met on the controller. Theoretically you can add an unlimited amount of signal amplifiers in series with your LED Strip lights to add an additional 360W of power per signal amplifier, or 5A per channel. If you are curious how to install a signal amplifier in your RGB LED project see our tutorials page for reference. This product is not intended to be exposed directly to outdoor elements.

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Product Specifications
ModelRibbon Star Extreme RGB Signal Amplifier
Dimensions3.43"L x 2.53"W x 0.94"H
Type5 Pin, 3 Loop, Common Anode
DC Power24VDC, 15A Max
Watts360W Max
Warranty Period1 Year
Ribbon Star Extreme LED Signal Amp
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Ribbon Star Extreme, RGB Outdoor LED Strip Light - UL 24VDC - 118" (3m)

SKU: RL-SC-RSX-RGB-10     View Product Page
UL Listed Ribbon Star Extreme RGB is a fully outdoor rated, color changing, LED Strip Light that can be connected in series up to 100ft (30m). Using 2 positive wires (V+) and 3 negative wires (RGB) this strip can achieve longer serial connections than a standard RGB strip light. Be sure to share your positive wires to your RGB control source for the entire strip to work in unison. With a TPU coating (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) Ribbon Star Extreme RGB is IP68 outdoor rated. Making it fully waterproof, submersible, and UV proof. Ribbon Star Extreme RGB LED Strip Light provides a perfect light source for any outdoor and underwater lighting projects. The Strip Light can be cut every 9.5 inches and has multiple connection options that can be waterproofed to suite your projects needs. 7 SMD LEDs per 9.5 inches with a total of 84 LEDs per 3m. At 1.7W per foot, a 3m roll would require at least a 17W, 24VDC power supply. At the maximum series length of 100ft (30m) this ribbon would require at least a 170W 24VDC Constant Voltage power supply. This LED strip light is perfect for any outdoor or underwater lighting project. Use with water features, decks, trailers, boats, RV's, dog kennels, landscaping, business trim, pathway lighting, pools, or any other situation that a fully outdoor proof LED Strip Light is needed. Comes with 10 mounting clips for a permanent mounting solution. Requires a 24VDC Constant Voltage power source. UL Listed for class2 luminaries and fixtures, RoHS and CE approved.

Ribbon Star Extreme, RGB Outdoor LED Strip Light - UL 24VDC - 118" (3m)

Mean Well LED Power Supply CV 320W - 24VDC

SKU: PS-MW-320-24     View Product Page
320W, 24VDC LED Power Supply / Transformer, 100 - 240AC input and 24VDC output through three terminals. For dry locations only. Has screw down style connections. Comes with plastic covering to protect screw down terminals and two cooling fans to prevent high heat during operation. Note: The cooling fan runs noisy and may not be suitable for all applications. It can be used to connect LED Wall Washers, LED Lights, LED Light Ribbons, RGB LED lighting and any other 24VDC Constant Voltage LED Lighting products. UL Recognized and CE approved. Can connect up to 300 watts of 24VDC LED lights. Only install face up or in a manner that the cooling vents face upwards with sufficient breathing space.

Mean Well LED Power Supply CV 320W - 24VDC
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