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2.36" Round 4 in 1 RGBW LED Spot Light Fixture - 12W, 12/24VDC


Product Description

Our 2.36" Round RGBW Spot Fixtures are a bright and unique product that can be used to bring color changing plus cool white illumination to a variety of lighting applications. Whether using for downlighting or accenting cabinets, shelves, or coves all these lights need is a place to install the mounting bracket and a hole to run the wires. You can flush mount the lights if you have a recession and a hole 2.36" (60mm) in diameter or surface mount to any rigid material. 3 durable RGBW 4 in 1 Epistar LEDs output some serious light from a small package, requiring 12 watts of 12VDC or 24VDC to operate with all colors on full brightness. A 50,000 hour lifetime span ensures that these lights will last, as well as save money on the low cost to power. Bring billions of color choices to any indoor space using our 12W RGBW 12V or 24VDC LED spot light fixtures. 12/24VDC power as well as an RGBW control signal needs to be wired on each fixture to operate, see installation guide below for reference.

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RGBW Spot Connection Guide
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Product Specifications
ModelRGBW LED Spot Light Fixture - 12W
Dimensions2.36"⌀ x 2.90"H
19" Lead Wires
Connection Type5 Wire RGBW(+) Signal In
2 Wire 12/24VDC (+/-) Power In
Watts12 Watts
Beam Angle60°
LumensR: 120 lm
G: 210 lm
B: 75 lm
W: 300 lm
Max Serial ConnectionUnlimited (DC Power to Each Fixture)
Lifespan50,000 Hours
Warranty Period1 Year
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Multi-zone Time Programmable 4 in 1 LED Bluetooth Sync Controller for iOS & Android, 6-24VDC 3Ax3CH +5A

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The newly redesigned IP68 mini Bluetooth RGBW LED time controller has the ability to sync numerous controllers over multiple zone groups using the free 'Umi Smart' app on an ioS or android device. From the smart phone app you can pair to multiple devices, set up groups, save colors and scenes, as well as trigger scenes using a real time clock with repeating weekday options. From the main app control you can choose from millions of static RGB color choices, 0-100% single color white dimming, as well as 42 pre programmed color functions with 99 speed level adjustments. The RGB output is separate from the white output and can control a max load of 3 amps x 3 channels, 108W using 12VDC or 216W using 24VDC; the white output can control a max load of 5 amps or 60W using 12VDC or 120W using 24VDC. There are 16 storage spaces to save your favorite custom colors and 16 storage spaces for quick access to your favorite color changing modes. The Bluetooth control range from controller to smartphone or tablet is approximately 45ft with no walls or interference. The small size and simple bare connection wires, as well as sync and group functions make this controller ideal for any new or existing indoor/outdoor LED lighting design. This product is IP68 waterproof rated but not meant to be submersed in water or directly exposed to any outdoor elements.

Multi-zone Time Programmable 4 in 1 LED Bluetooth Sync Controller for iOS & Android, 6-24VDC 3Ax3CH +5A

4 Knob RGBW LED Controller with Digital Display & RF Remote, 12-24V 5A/CH

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Our 4 Knob RGBW LED Controller can be used to control your 4 Color RGBW LED Strip Lights, modules, or 12-24VDC constant voltage lighting fixtures. The digital display above each knob lets you see the 0-255 dimming values of your Red, Green, Blue, and White output levels. Combining all the options of each output you can create over 4 trillion different color hues and fine tune any color that you want. 37 built in color changing effects with speed and brightness adjustments can be accessed using the RF remote control. Each of the 4 color outputs can control up to 5 amps of LED lighting, or 60 watts using 12VDC, 120 watts using 24VDC. Multiply that value over the 4 channels and you can control up to 240 watts max at 12V or 480 watts max at 24V.

4 Knob RGBW LED Controller with Digital Display & RF Remote, 12-24V 5A/CH

Mean Well LED Power Supply Two Output 100W - 24VDC

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A 100W Mean Well 24VDC LED transformer / power supply, 100-120VAC or 200-240AC input and 24VDC output through two terminals. Built in short circuit, overload, and over voltage protection make this power supply long lasting and dependable. For dry locations only. Has screw down style connections. It can be used to connect LED Wall Washers, LED Strip Lights, RGB LED lighting and other 24 volt DC products. ULRecognized, RoHs, and CE approved. Only install face up or in a manner that the cooling grate faces upwards with sufficient breathing space.

Mean Well LED Power Supply Two Output 100W - 24VDC

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