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Three Knob RGB LED Dimmer & Controller, 5-24V 8A/CH


Product Description

This professional quality RGB LED dimming system and color controller can be used with RGB LED Strip Lights, RGB LED Modules, RGB LED Wall Washers or any 5-24VDC common anode type LED lighting. The three color knobs can be used for smooth 0-100% dimming, giving the user the option of over 16 million color choices with two spaces to save your favorite colors and brightness settings. 25 built in color changing modes with 7 levels of speed and brightness adjustments makes this controller much more than just a 3 knob dimmer, click the link at the bottom of the specifications table below for color modes. The large load capacity of 8A x 3 channels allows for 120W of lights at 5VDC, 288W at 12VDC, or 576W at 24VDC. Simple screw down connectors ports allow for easy wiring and also include ports for momentary on/off push style switch control of power, mode, speed, and brightness. This product is intended for indoor use, RoHS and CE approved.

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Product Specifications
ModelThree Knob RGB LED Dimmer & Controller
Dimensions6.70"L x 2.52"W x 1.77"H
Input Connection2 Wire (+/-)
Output Connection4 Wire RGB(+)
Input Power5 - 24VDC
Output Power8A x 3CH
Maximum Watts12VDC - 288W
24VDC - 576W
Operating Temp-22° ~ 131°F
Warranty Period1 Year
Previous Mode on Power CycleYes
Static Color Choices16 Million
Color Changing Modes25 Modes See Modes
  • = Speed Adjustment, 7 Levels
  • = Brightness Adjustment, 7 Levels
  1. Static Red
  2. Static Green
  3. Static Blue
  4. Static Yellow
  5. Static Purple
  6. Static Cyan
  7. Static White
  8. RGB Fade In/Out
  9. Red Green Fade
  10. Red Blue Fade
  11. Green Blue Fade
  12. Red Yellow Fade
  13. Green Cyan Fade
  14. Blue Purple Fade
  15. Green Yellow Fade
  16. Blue Cyan Fade
  17. Red Purple Fade
  18. Blue White Fade
  19. Purple Cyan Yellow Fade
  20. RGB Fade
  21. 7 Color Fade
  22. RGB Jump
  23. 7 Color Jump
  24. White Strobe
  25. 7 Color Strobe
Wiring Diagrams

Mean Well LED Power Supply Three Output 200W - 12VDC

SKU: PS-MW-200-12     View Product Page
A Mean Well 200W 12VDC LED Power Supply / Transformer, with a selectable AC input of either 100-120VAC or 200-240AC and 12VDC output through three terminals. Simple to use screw down style terminals make for an easy and secure connection. Built in short circuit, overload, over voltage, and over heating shut down protection guards the unit from any improper use. This power supply can also withstand a 300VAC input surge for up to 5 seconds. It can be used to connect 12VDC LED Modules, LED Lights, LED Light Ribbons, RGB LED lighting and other 12VDC Constant Voltage LED Lighting products. UL Recognized, RoHs and CE approved. Can connect up to 180 one watt led lights. Only install face up or in a manner that the cooling grate faces upwards with sufficient breathing space.

Mean Well LED Power Supply Three Output 200W - 12VDC

RGB LED Signal Amplifier / Repeater, 12-24VDC 5A/CH

SKU: LC-EU-2RGBA     View Product Page
A RGB LED Signal Amplifier / Repeater that can be used to add more RGB LED modules, RGB LED Ribbon or RGB LED Lights to your existing RGB LED controller and will allow the additional lights to perform the same color changes as the RGB lights that are connected to the main controller. By adding this RGB Amplifier and another power supply you can add more RGB Lighting to your existing RGB lights. For use with Constant Voltage power, 12-24VDC systems only. 5A per channel with a maximum power of 180W at 12VDC and 360W at 24VDC, through this amplifier. For use with 4 pin, 3 loop, common anode style RGB Lighting. The power supply and RGB signal wires are connected by screw down type wire connections.

RGB LED Signal Amplifier / Repeater, 12-24VDC 5A/CH
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