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1 Meter Aluminum Extrusion with Clear Diffuser - 1" Wide x 1" Deep


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This product is a 1" deep Aluminum Extrusion with a clear cover that is wide enough to fit a double wide LED Strip Light or two 10mm wide LED Strips side by side. The deeper profile design makes for sleek and modern lighting in any space. This profile is dedicated to be mounted into ceilings and drywall but can be mounted virtually anywhere using our mounting supplies or simply by drilling and counter sinking holes through the aluminum. Keep in mind that the profile has a clear cover so LED Strips will be visible through the cover. For a more diffused and even glow of light use one of our 1" deep channel with frosted cover instead. Note: LED Strip Light Quick Connectors can be used with this product. The certified polycarbonate cover is UV, fire rated, weathering resistant and can withstand 120C temperature/ 248F. This product is available in 2M lengths, please call 775-636-6060 to order.

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Plastic End Cap for LIPOD 1" x 1" Extrusion

SKU: EX-KL3-CAP-3     View Product Page
This product is a plastic end cap for the LIPOD 1" Wide x 1" Deep square shaped LED Aluminum Extrusions to give your extrusion a clean and finished look. Available in plastic finish as well as a silver plastic finish, this cap will fit both the clear and frosted diffuser styles. The faux metal silver finish does not allow for light transmittance while the plain plastic cap does show light through the plastic. This product is sold individually and in single units. With proper sealing techniques of your LIPOD extrusions with HS22 cover these caps can achieve an IP67 water-resistant rating and used in outdoor environments.

Plastic End Cap for LIPOD 1" x 1" Extrusion

(2) Extrusion Plastic Mounting Clips for KL3 1" Wide Profiles

SKU: EX-KL3-CLIP-1-2     View Product Page
A set of 2 clips for mounting our 1" wide LED Aluminum Channels. Use the two mounting clips to secure the aluminum channels to any drillable surface. Comes with 2 clips for a secure mounting solution that is simple to install. See a list of compatible extrusions that can be used with these mounting clips below. A minimum of two clips per 1M channel are recommended for a secure installation.

(2) Extrusion Plastic Mounting Clips for KL3 1" Wide Profiles

(2) GP Surface Mounting Spring for, PDS ZM, TRIADA and 1" Extrusions

SKU: EX-KL-CLIP-18-2     View Product Page
This is a set of 2 spring loaded mounting clips for surface mounting our PDS ZM, Triada, and 1" wide extrusions to drywall, wood, granite, brick, or any other solid surface. Works with any 1" wide extrusion without wings. To use, simply drill a 5/16" - 3/8" wide hole into a surface at least 3/8" thick and push the spring through. Comes with 2 clips, one for each end of the profile. For a more secure mount multiple mounting springs may be necessary.

(2) GP Surface Mounting Spring for, PDS ZM, TRIADA and 1" Extrusions
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