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PX24606 Single Channel DMX Driver / 0-10V Dimmer, 12-24VDC 3A


This Product Has been Discontinued

This product has been discontinued or is no longer available from the manufacturer, we apologize for any inconvenience. Please browse our similar replacement products found below.

PX24600 DMX Driver
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Flicker Free Single Channel LED DMX Driver, 12-24VDC 25A/CH

SKU: LC-HO-DMX1-FF     View Product Page
Our flicker free single channel DMX LED driver is the top choice for lighting professionals who require smooth dimming effects with no apparent flicker or choppy dimming levels. The high PWM frequency of 7.8KHz allows for 0-255 fluid dimming steps with no visible distortion, perfect for HD filming. Simple screw down connectors make it easy to install your 12-24VDC input, LED output, as well as DMX connection using a small screw driver. Each decoder has a set of 10 dip switches for setting your DMX address and also for test functions when no DMX signal is present. An impressive 25 amps output by one channel allows you to control up to 300W of 12VDC single color LED lighting or 600W of 24VDC monochrome LED Lighting. This product is intended only for use with 12-24VDC common anode style single color LED Lighting. DMX input and outputs require a bare wire connection and can be connected to a DMX512 signal using 3 bare wires, DMX+ / DMX- / Ground. This product is RoHS and CE approved.

Flicker Free Single Channel LED DMX Driver, 12-24VDC  25A/CH

U9 DMX Lighting Controller with Software and 5VDC Power Supply - 256 Channel

SKU: LC-NL-DMX-U9     View Product Page
The U9 256 Channel DMX Controller uses the Easy Stand Alone (PC) or Easy Stand Alone 2 (PC/MAC) computer software to build and save unique and precise lighting scenes for use away from the computer. Use with our DMX decoders to control up to 85 RGB LED fixtures or 256 single color LED fixtures. Save up to 20 different lighting scenes and play them using the shuffle buttons on the controller. 8 dry contact trigger points can be used with relays to trigger scenes or use the external HE10 connector to trigger up to 255 scenes using binary coding. This system can be run live from the computer via the included software allowing for a full DMX universe of 512 channels. 20k memory allows for 439 steps using 60 channels, and 1184 steps using 20 channels. If you are looking for a powerful and affordable DMX controller or you are just starting out learning about DMX control, this is a great controller for you. The U9 is not limited to only LED control but also can be used for moving heads, fog machines, water jets, fans, or any other DMX compatible device. Software Disk, 5VDC AC/DC converter, and USB to mini USB Cable included.

U9 DMX Lighting Controller with Software and 5VDC Power Supply - 256 Channel

Ribbon Star, White LED Strip Light - UL 12VDC

SKU: RL-SC-RS-W-10     View Product Page
This UL Listed Ribbon Star LED light strip in White provides a perfect light source for many backlighting projects. This 118"(3m) Light strip can be cut every 2 inches and has many quick connnection options for easy connection and use. Comes with 3M™ mounting tape on the back, for the best long-term mounting solution. 3 SMD LEDs per 2 inches with a total of 180 LEDs that require 14.6W of 12VDC power for this 118" strip (1.46W per foot). This LED strip light has the perfect brightness for ambient lighting, backlighting, coves, undercounter lights, toe kick lighting or under stairs and many more backlighting applications. Comes with two quick connectors. Requires a 12VDC Constant Voltage power source. 6500K Color Tempurature, UL Listed for class 2 luminaries and fixtures, RoHS and CE approved.

Ribbon Star, White LED Strip Light - UL 12VDC
19.5" (0.5m) Sample
118" (3m) Roll

2 Conductor DC Connection Wire Red/Black Pair - 22AWG

SKU: LA-SS-DC22     View Product Page
This is a 22 American Wire Gauge DC Connection wire with a Red/Black bonded pair. This connection wire is suitable for connecting LED lighting products using DC electrical Current.

2 Conductor DC Connection Wire Red/Black Pair - 22AWG

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