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Ribbon Star Max, Temperature Adjustable Kit with Sync Controller


This Product Has been Discontinued

This product has been discontinued or is no longer available from the manufacturer, we apologize for any inconvenience. Please browse our similar replacement products found below.

Temp Adjust Kit LED
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3 in 1 RGB / CCT / DIM LED WIFI Controllers for Smartphones and Alexa, 9-24VDC 5A/CH

SKU: LC-LF-3IN1     View Product Page
The 3 in 1 Wifi Controller is an affordable RGB, temp-control, or single color device loaded with functionality. After downloading the smartphone app and creating a username and password you can pair unlimited WiFi devices over 10 zones. The pairing process is simple and effortless. Please note this controller requires 2.4G network connection and will not connect over 5G. A small button on top of the controller lets you set the control type to RGB, Temperature adjustable, or single color dimming. In the app there are loads of features to control the output of your lights including 4 DIY modes choosing 6 color choices when in RGB control. You can even control the controller remotely while not on the WiFi network. This controller is also compatible with Amazon Echo and can be controlled through voice commands to Alexa. The setup is easy and the devices can be powered on/off, dimmed, set to a warmer or cooler temperature (temp adjust), or set to a specific color green, pink, blue, etc (RGB). Power output of 5 amps x 3 channels allows for a maximum of 15 amps of 9-24VDC lighting to be powered using this controller, see specifications for more information.

3 in 1 RGB / CCT / DIM LED WIFI Controllers for Smartphones and Alexa, 9-24VDC 5A/CH

Ribbon Star Max, Temperature Adjustable LED Strip Light - UL 12VDC

SKU: RL-SC-RSM-TA-5     View Product Page
This is a one of a kind UL listed hybrid LED Strip Light that allows you to choose your color temperature between white and warm white using proper controls. This specialized ribbon has six LED chips every 2 inches alternating from white to warm white on every other chip, making it comparable to Ribbon Star Max when both temperatures are being used. Control this LED Strip using two LED dimmers or by using one of our specialized color temperature controllers. 12VDC, 2.92 Watts per foot, 48W per 5 meter roll. Cut and connect this strip every 2 inches for amazing temperature adjustable light in any application. This strip light is UL Listed for class 2 low voltage luminaries and fixtures, RoHS and CE approved.

Ribbon Star Max, Temperature Adjustable LED Strip Light - UL 12VDC
19.5" (0.5m) Sample
16.4' (5m) Roll

(3) Ribbon to Wire Connector 3 wire RSM Temp control

SKU: RA-SC-RSM-TA-RW-3     View Product Page
Use this connector on Ribbon Star Max Temperature Adjustable LED Strips to add 6 inches of lead wire to connect ribbon to a power supply, dimmer or to other sections of ribbon. Sold in sets of 3. For use with 0.39" (10mm) wide temperature adjustable ribbon products only.

(3) Ribbon to Wire Connector 3 wire RSM Temp control

Male Barrel to Female Barrel Jumper Cable

SKU: LA-LU-BJ-1     View Product Page
This male 5.5 X 2.1mm barrel to female barrel plug has total length of 59" using 22AWG wire. Can be used for many projects to connect or extend LED lights to a power source. Please note this adapter is only rated for a maximum of 5A.

Male Barrel to Female Barrel Jumper Cable
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