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Bright Star 40" x 2.3" Wall Washer 3 in 1 RGB - 60W, 24VDC


Product Description

This RGB LED Wall Washer is a 40" X 2.323" linear type light with 60W 24VDC rated power use. It has 20 RGB 3 in 1 Epistar LEDs to produce bright and vivid lighting on walls, buildings, ceiling and signs. This wall washer is able to produce up to 16.7 million shades of amazing color. This light fixture can project light up to 100 feet with a 50° beam angle. Mounting clips can slide and turn for custom installation and lighting angles. This light is encased in an IP65 water-resistant aluminum housing. Tempered glass and stainless fasteners give this light long lasting outdoor use. This light can be controlled by RGB or DMX controllers using a 4-pin, 3-loop common anode connection. We recommend no more than two 60 watt wall washers connected in a series. Attached male and female waterproof connection lead wires included. See Product Data Sheet and Installation Guide linked below. For easy connection of wall washers, power supplies and controllers, use the many waterproof connectors wire options. Non-submersible, CE and RoHS approved.

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Product Specifications
ModelBright Star 40" x 2.323" RGB LED Wall Washer
Dimensions39.5"L x 2.323"W x 2.867"H
Connection Type4 Wire RGB(+)
Input Power24VDC
Watts60 watts
Beam Angle50°
Rating IP65
Operating Temp-40°~104°F
Projecting Distance50-100ft
Max Serial Connection2 Wall Washers
Lifespan50,000 Hours
Warranty Period2 Year
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Wallwasher Water-Resistant RGB Connection wire 80"

SKU: LA-SC-1CON     View Product Page
A waterproof connector with 4 conductor 18AWG stranded wire that can be used to connect our RGB wall washers to each other, to a controller or signal amplifier, or for quick and easy connection of any RGB LED product. 80" long with screw down connections, male on one end and a female on the other end. See link below for more ideas on quick and easy RGB LED connections.

Wallwasher Water-Resistant RGB Connection wire 80"

4 Wire T Connector for RGB LED Wall Washers

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This T or elbow water-resistant connector can be used to connect our RGB wall washers to each other, to a contoller or signal amplifier, or can be used with our waterproof RGB connection wire to pigtails for easy connection with any RGB LED lighting system. 16.5" long with screw down connection, two males and one female. See the link below for an easy RGB LED connection guide using water-resistant RGB LED connection wires.

4 Wire T Connector for RGB LED Wall Washers

Mean Well Waterproof LED Power Supply 150W - 24VDC

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A Mean Well brand Waterproof 150W, 24VDC LED transformer / power supply recommended for use with our 24VDC Wall Washer and Strip Light Products. This product requires an input voltage of 100-240VAC 2.0A or 277VAC .68A; and an output voltage of 24VDC 6.3A maximum. For wet or damp locations. This product is not meant to be directly exposed to outdoor elements. UL recognized, CE approved, IP67 waterproof.

Mean Well Waterproof LED Power Supply 150W - 24VDC

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