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2 in 1 RGBW / RGBW+CCT LED WIFI Controller for Smartphones, Alexa & Google Home, 9-24VDC 5A/CH


Product Description

The 2 in 1 Wifi Controller is an affordable RGBW or RGBW+WW smart device that is packed with control features. After downloading the 'OPEN-LIT' smartphone app and creating a username and password you can pair unlimited WiFi devices over 10 zones. The pairing process is simple and effortless. Please note this controller requires 2.4G network connection and will not connect over 5G. A small button on top of the controller lets you set the control type to 4 Channel RGBW or 5 Channel RGBW+WW. In the app there are loads of features to control the output of your lights including 4 DIY modes choosing 6 color choices with speed and brightness adjustment. You can even control the controller remotely while not on the WiFi network. Power output for RGBW is 5 amps x 4 channels allowing for a maximum of 20 amps out. Power output for RGBW+WW is 5 amps x 5channels for a maximum of 25 amps of 9-24VDC lighting to be powered using this controller, see specifications for more information.

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Product Specifications
Model2 in 1 Wifi Controller for Smartphones
Dimensions3.75" x 2.09" x 0.94"H
Input Connection2 Wire (+/-)
Output Connection5 Wire RGBW(+)
6 Wire RGBW/WW(+)
Input Power9 - 24VDC
Output PowerRGBW: 5A x 4CH
Maximum Watts RGBW12VDC - 240W
24VDC - 480W
Maximum Watts RGBW+WW12VDC - 300W
24VDC - 600W
Ambient Temperature-22° ~ 131°F
RatingIndoor / Dry
Pairing Distance150ft Must be 2.4G Network!
Zone Control10 Groups
Previous Mode on Power CycleYes
Real Time ClockYes
Alexa / Google HomeYes
Warranty Period1 Year
Important Information

This controller requires 2.4GHz network connection and will not connect over 5GHz. If you are having issues connecting through the app, login to your wireless router and be sure that 2.4GHz is enabled.

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Bright Star 4 in 1 RGBW LED Landscape Light - 40W, 24VDC

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Our heavy duty IP65 Bright Star LED outdoor and landscape light uses 5 Epistar 4 in 1 8W RGBW LEDs to create bright and vivid color changing effects as well as a pure white 6000-6500K output in any outdoor environment. The 45 degree beam angle and 40W output lets the light easily shine up to 100ft, to illuminate landscape, architectural, and building features. Each light comes with a T connector to male and female plugs for simple installation of multiple fixtures using our 80" jumper cables or outdoor 5 conductor cable. The tempered glass and aluminum alloy housing with mounting brackets makes installation simple for long term use. Control this light with any of our common anode RGBW controllers with at least 40W of 24VDC constant voltage power supplied for the power load. This light is durable, functional and brings billions of color choices to any outdoor setting.

Bright Star 4 in 1 RGBW LED Landscape Light - 40W, 24VDC
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Bright Star 4 in 1 RGBW LED Flood Light - 48W, 24VDC

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Bright Star 4 in 1 RGBW LED Flood Light - 48W, 24VDC
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Mean Well Waterproof LED Power Supply 240W - 24VDC

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This product is a Mean Well brand waterproof LED power converter with a 100-240VAC, or 277VAC (North America Only) input and a 24VDC 10 amp output of 240W. IP67 rated for wet or damp locations. This LED power supply can be used to power 24VDC Constant Voltage LED Wall Washers, LED Lights, LED Light Ribbons, RGB LED lighting and other 24VDC LED Lighting products. Comes with built in PFC (Power Factor Correction) as well as short circuit protection. AC input wire colors are as follow: Brown - Load, Blue - Neutral, Green - Ground. The manufacturer recommends a 92.5% max load of 222 watts. Non-submersible, non uv-proof, UL recognized, RoHS, and CE approved.

Mean Well Waterproof LED Power Supply  240W - 24VDC

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